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Gnosis was started as a program in our school, it first caught my attention when my teacher talked about back masking and negative effects of the rock and modern music that I'd been listening to. Then I started to take the classes seriously and have worked on learning astral projection. I've had many astral experiences, some of them divine, others controlled by ego, but I do not give up...
Recently I've been reading a lot of samael sun weor's books, and going many enlightening pieces of k knowledge and I found an aim to go to the white lodge... But since he also mentioned the black lodge and the dangerous illusions that my mind can be tricked into, I'm very afraid of going there... Instead of affirming I want the white lodge I end up saying I don't want the black lodge...its like harry potter was constantly sating "not Slytherin"...
All this negativity negative organisations force me to fear them and ultimately occupy my mind...
Knowing all this, how can I let go and be positive and protected.. How do I know that I will not be tricked??, I want to develop ,but this is holding me back!!! I'd really appreciate the help.
All the information on the internet is really confusing!!and the videos really misleading..
7 years ago
Like physical self-defense, psychic self-defense takes training, study, and application of the armaments of this tradition, specifically conjurations and prayers. It also takes trial and error!

See the course referenced below:

Joyful in hope, suffering in tribulation, be thou constant in thy prayer.

Benedictis, qui venit in nomine Domini. Osanna in excelsis.

"Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest!"

7 years ago
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I cannot thank you enough!!☺ it 3:00 am here and I was having trouble sleeping due to the same... Just the fact that someone replied has filled me with hope... I am reading the material you linked and will be sure to practice it... Thank you once again☺
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  • I am so very grateful for you all and what you have done in my life to help me realize myself and what path it’s actually wise to tread and stay on. Thank you I honestly cannot thank you enough.

  • I love your site and your knowledgeable instructors and just want to say thank you for all your hard work... You give out your information for free and ask for donations which to me, tells me that you are more than legitimate and your information is top notch.

  • You are a continued source of knowledge, and a continuous source for the personal development of my soul.

  • I cannot thank you enough for all that you are doing and providing to spread the opportunity of true Gnosis. I have greatly benefited from the information on the website...

  • Your lectures, books, practices, etc. have radically changed my life in a profound manner. Especially putting into daily practice the teachings from the lectures... Your efforts making the lectures and everyone involved who makes it possible are a true blessing to humanity and beyond.

  • These books have helped me changed my whole reality,..... Tragic and beautiful that pendulum we swing,...

  • Your books, lectures and courses have made the last years of my life complete. When that final hour comes, I know I will land in the right place.

  • What you guys are doing is really wonderful. You have helped me understand in my spiritual practice. I am truly grateful that your works is changing lives. When the student is really ready, the teacher has finally arrive to guide.