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I have been reading Samael Aun Weor works for a short while now and I can't seem to remember seeing this addressed.

When we observe this world in the "dimension" of time, we see that it changes. When we take a larger segment of time-line we begin to see a pattern. Every change that came to be has already been seen and experienced. It's as if nothing ever ceases to exist - it only waits for it's turn to emerge again.

In Jewish history, you had a God fearing king and an idolatry prone king after him, then again a God fearing king - and again one who prays to idols. This went on and on for ever, as it does in innumerable aspects of life on this planet. The seasonal change, the inhaling and exhaling of nature, death and rebirth, thesis and antithesis...

My question would be - is this world "cursed" to be in conflict all the time no matter how many times we achieve a peaceful era? What could a possible synthesis of conflict and peace be? Or is this Earth not something to ever achieve permanent peace?

Jesus did say that we shouldn't seek riches on this Earth, but that we should instead look for the Kingdom of God.

Is there hope for this world, or is polarity of conflict and peace, good and evil, thesis and antithesis just a mirage in the human mind?

I'm sorry if my question is inappropriate for this board. If possible, can you tell me where I can educate myself on this in Samael Aun Weor's works?
7 years ago
Accepted Answer
Study the resources referenced below!
7 years ago
Accepted Answer
Study the resources referenced below!
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