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Hello respected instructors

As we are in the age of Aquarius, angels and Buddhas want to give the humanity the last warning for the real teachings of wisdom, why any one has power not to show it only for the reason of invitation? like prophets and masters did in their miracles (for ex, Jesus and all his registered miracles), at the cycles of barbarianism, cruelty, slavery and chaos, the revolutionary masters with great courage appeared to put nature back to its balance and to prevent harm actions and karma in return to the pathetic evil degenerated souls out of compassion and love, some of them worked invisibly like yogis of India and Tibet sometimes and others worked publicly especially for the last excuse of the materialists.

Demonstrating powers should be used from the most advanced students and masters because it will be great trick of the mind and the ego for the pride, they could deal easily to overcome the temptation of showing off or the mystical pride. And also they can resist the power of the black magicians because God within themselves is almost fully awakened, no one can beat them because of that.

I see that way, we can save more souls, esp in this materialistic eon, a lot of people are sincere but mistaken, they depend only on the five senses and intellectual logic mind, those people need the proofs, those proofs will be their motives to advance and the key for them to experience for themselves, and thus the great karma will be upon all the planet.

A lot of people are thirst for mystical experience, because in their heart they know that the path of realization is right but they are weak according to the circumstances out of their karma, their conscience is alert and they hear a lot their inner voice of their being, that is why those proofs will be their remedy and great help and motive, if I am right and i am sure of that, why would I become afraid? the bad people try to show off to deceive weak people and they are courage in the outlet and we who in the right path set aside and be sure of the truth to overcome the badness? I don't thing nature works like that, that is only a part of the whole package, we have to show the reality to people as much as we can, we have to be courage not the evil adepts.

But we have to be sure to not demonstrate in front of weak souls who will use the teachings for their benefits only and to harm others, and even their ego will tell them that we are black magicians and try to deceive them or exploit them or any other excuse.

That's why the old sages of yoga of India and Tibet did and kept the practices secrets except for the trusted disciples. and now they started to demonstrate before the last destruction of the earth, before the mineral kingdoms and the horrifying torture there.

And [mention] when Abraham said, "My Lord, show me how You give life to the dead." [ Allah ] said, "Have you not believed?" He said, "Yes, but [I ask] only that my heart may be satisfied.[reassured]" [ Allah ] said, "Take four birds and commit them to yourself. Then [after slaughtering them] put on each hill a portion of them; then call them - they will come [flying] to you in haste. And know that Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise." Quran, 2:260

Regards <3
8 years ago
The affiliates and sympathizers of these studies are in the millions, but on the hour of the test, when the time comes when they must actually be resolved, when they must define themselves, in truth, as in the "To be or not to be" of philosophy, all of those who view this thing, which is so serious, run away scared, with no one remaining. The majority of the people seek out these studies as a diversion, like someone who goes to bullfighting or to the cinema.

The Master Helena Petrovna Blavatsky had to suffer many indignities and humiliations. However, she had to work wonders and marvels--demonstrating her powers--in order to convince the skeptics. This was her mission, clearly very difficult, since once ten skeptics have been convinced, a thousand come around; and when a thousand have been convinced, then ten thousand will show up. When will we finish convincing the skeptics?

We, for our part, are completing a transcendental mission: delivering the message to humanity. And in our concrete case, we never dedicate ourselves to convincing skeptics; we dedicate ourselves, exclusively, to forming the World Salvation Army and working in accordance with the Conscious Circle of the Solar Humanity, for the plans for a new civilization and a new culture.

Although we have carried on thirty-five years performing this work, I believe that we are just beginning. There are some five million gnostics spread throughout the world who are studying our doctrine. But nevertheless, I think we are just beginning this great work.

The message that we are tasked with delivering is divided into three parts: The first is the Kindergarten; the second is the Superior Teaching, contained in the Christmas Messages of each year; and the third part is that which is most transcendental.

I will not try to convince skeptics, I will not waste time on inert things. Whoever wants to accept the doctrine will accept it; whoever wants to reject it, will reject it; each one will interpret with his mind as he wishes. He that wants to believe will develop; he that doesn't want to believe will not develop. This does not interest us.

Obviously we cannot expect that the Antichrist of False Science is going to give in, just like that. We know these things very well. We know that its followers are very arrogant, believing that they know everything. What is most certain is they will launch their attacks against us with their defamatory spittle, but this will not bother us.

We will not follow in the footsteps of Madame Blavatsky, who was killed by all the calumnies, who died of sadness, and was therefore called "the great martyr of the last century." The slander of the people will not hurt us. "I am not more because they praise me, nor I am less because they revile me; I always am what I am." So if they speak, they speak; if they don't speak, they don't speak. Only one thing interests us: Delivering the message, and that is all!

We speak this way, supported by experience. We have the power to give many demonstrations, but there is no point in doing so. Convincing skeptics is a grave error. This was precisely what killed Madame Blavatsky. It is clear that woman was exquisitely sensitive, and when they showed her so much public vexation, humiliation, and calumny, she became sick and died.

Therefore, we know what humanity is. We know that subtle smile of the unbelievers. And we have said before, that if today we convince ten thousand skeptics, tomorrow a million of them will arrive, and we will never finish this absurd task.

We are, in that sense, more practical: We deliver the keys for each individual to convince him or herself. And if there is someone who wants to be convinced, then experience "in your own skin," and not in ours.

We teach, for instance, how to leave in the Astral Body, so that each person can convince themselves. We teach the system for placing the physical body in the Fourth Dimension, so that each person can go, in their body of flesh and bone, to experience the things of the ultra. Therefore, whosoever wants to see, hear, and touch the great realities of the Superior Worlds, will have to go through the trouble of working on themselves.
- Samael Aun Weor, "Gnostic Conceptual Synthesis"
8 years ago
Thanks a lot. I understand the master's will but that is his opinion, or i am wrong? I say that because ignorance is great problem to most of us, I mean let's say someone is smoking cigarettes, and he doesn't know that it is harm I should tell him cigarettes is harm with all modesty (that i am not better than him because I don't smoke or if i was i shouldn't think like that to not activate the latent pride evil in me) so I will tell him "hey, smoking is harmful to your health", then why he should believe me? I can demonstrate to him, like an experiment or hospital reports to make him convinced if he was not honest he will be stubborn and still continue smoking, same like masturbation, nowadays all doctors advice young men to do it especially in the west, ok what if we told the teenagers it is one of the most harmful actions and sins without exaggeration? they will say, ah another priest from the church and laugh and go away, I don't care about their reactions I don't care about their mocking, because they have a great ignorance and all of us we had it before God have mercy on us, I care more about their interests, for the planet out of compassion and love, although I will not restrict or oblige his physical body to not harm himself, because that is violating the law (the free will of others as long as they don't hurt other people) but I will oblige his mind, his Pilate, remember the disciple "Thomas" whom was called ""Doubting Thomas" because he refused to believe that Jesus had risen from the dead until he saw and touched Christ's physical wounds?, That story wants to tell us that doubting is not a sin because a lot of liars exist everywhere all the time, even master Samael read a lot of pseudoesotric books and believed it in the beginning, that's why he kept trying to reveal the real occultism and the safe white magic.

Madame Blavatsky was not so advanced that she activated the innermost fully that is why she was disappointed, she didn't defeat her anger devil inside, what was the result? Aliester Crowely and other black demons got attention and deceived many many people and as you know we don't have to be silent at the moment that we should talk, who doesn't want to believe is fallen humanoid, sooner or later they will be purified by karma till he become a Bodhisattva again even after thousands of years, that's why all prophets showed miracles and they didn't care about other beliefs or reactions as long as the result is good.

That is why I suggested the masters or the best of the third chamber students who talk to God everyday, they have to lead the humanity to the truth, black magicians are in this planet, not in the heavens, and who are connected to the heavens can't be beaten by any inferior law.

Maybe I am ignorant, excuse me that is why i say it is a great problem, if so, show me the truth, I will be convinced and a follower of the truth, I was convinced of this path from a demonstration, that is why when I fail I stand up again because I see the end of the tunnel despite all the obstacles.

Regards and Love <3
8 years ago
By coincidence I read this:

“Having obtained transcendental knowledge in the control of the ethereal and spiritual nature of the mind, he was enabled to furnish demonstration thereof by flying through the sky, by walking, resting and sleeping on the air. Likewise he was able to produce flames of fire and springs of water from his body and to transform his body at will into any object desired, thereby convincing unbelievers and turning them towards religious pursuits.

Tattvic Powers

Just saying keep calm and hi :)

Best regards and love <3
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