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I want to know are these guys have real super powers or they are fake? and are they black magicians like? if they are right is there a kind of meditation they do to acquire these faculties and what is it?

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8 years ago
Also Prahlad Jhani and Nepab buddha boy


The kasnzania order (tariqah) in muslims Sufi school in Iraq where they put sharp deadly tools in their body to prove miracles from God to atheists and salafists too :)

The most powerful one Al-Rifa'iyya order in Iraq where they shoot themselves with machine-guns in their stomach !

8 years ago
Whether or not such individuals have powers is irrelevant, because their abilities or lack thereof do nothing for our own spiritual development. In fact, even if these individuals have powers, so long as they do not fulfill the prescriptions of the divine law, they cannot be trusted. The quotations below are from Al-Risalah: Principles of Sufism by Al-Qushayri:
Someone said to Abu Yazid, "So-and-so walked all the way to Makkah in a single night!" "The Devil walks from East to West in an hour," Abu Yazid retorted. "And such-and-such a man walks on water, and flies in the air!" "Birds fly in the air, and fish cross the face of the water," said he [Abu Yazid al-Bistami]...

I heard Muhammad bin al-Husayn say... that Abu Yazid said, "Even if you see a man who has been granted such power to work miracles that he rises into the air, do not let him deceive you. Wait until you find out his attitudes toward the command of good and the prohibition of evil, the preservation of the limits set by God [specifically: thou shalt not fornicate], and the performance of the duties of the Divine Law (Shariah) [or the Great Arcanum, sexual magic]...

I [Al-Qushayri] asked Ahmad al-Tabarani al-Sarakhsi, "Have any miracles manifested to you?" He told me, "When I was a student at the beginning of my undertaking, sometimes I would look for a stone with which to cleanse myself at the privy, and not be able to find one. So I drew something out of the air. It would turn out to be a jewel, and I used that and threw it away." Then he asked me, "What is this concern with miracles? The only point to them is that they increase certainty in the Unity. If someone sees that nothing but God is to be found in the universe, whether the act he witnesses conforms to the usual order of things or violates it, it is all the same."

Joyful in hope, suffering in tribulation, be thou constant in thy prayer.

Benedictis, qui venit in nomine Domini. Osanna in excelsis.

"Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest!"

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