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Every time I listen and practice this guided meditation called chakra diana by Nirmala Srivastava I feel my chakras are activated and a lot of energy flows from down the trunk up to the head and a lot of peace and blessing after it, so I wanted to show it here to my beloved instructors who can investigate in the depth of essences, otherwise I would investigate by myself If could to, and not disturbing my gurus :)

If it works it would be a gift for who didn't know and if it doesn't then I am deceived as always and sorry :)

All regards <3
8 years ago
The chakras are merely transformers of energy. If you want, you can spend your time chasing those sensations. Yet, that will do nothing to liberate you from suffering. Liberation is the result of understanding the causes of suffering, and exchanging them for the causes of liberation.

The chakras, when awakened, can provide information to the consciousness. For example:

Clairvoyance: Ajna chakra
Clairaudience: Vishuddha chakra
Intuition, inspiration: Anahata chakra
Telepathy: solar plexus, Manipura chakra
Memory of past lives: pulmonary chakra

Here, we are not interested in sensations, whether they are called "spiritual" or otherwise. Our interest is in comprehension, understanding. We meditate to acquire knowledge. So, our interest in awakening the chakras is only so they aid us to access deeper information.

In addition, we do not use or recommend guided meditation. Relying on guided meditation causes students to remain weak, reliant on external things, and with attention in the physical world, rather than focusing 100% on the internal.

More information:

"Do not worry; cultivate the habit of being happy." - Samael Aun Weor

8 years ago
Thanks sir, no thought after our beloved investigator :)

All regards <3
Hi Dharmic, (I hope this is not going against the rules since I don’t want to interfere but just give a little hint that) in the Perfect Matrimony, chapter Initiation Samael Aun Weor describes a mantric meditation on the chakras with exactly the same mantras as used in the video you posted. The mentioned meditation is on the five elements. In your video the sounds of elements as f.e. burbling water are recorded along with the precise mantra – see? Maybe this helps to figure it out and do the same in an unguided way, also intensifying it through concentration on the elemental gods.

The region of the earth extends from the feet to the knees. Its mantra is LA. The region of the water is from the knees to the anus. Its mantra is VA. The region of the fire is from the anus to the heart. Its mantra is RA. The region of the air encompasses the area from the heart to the space between the eyebrows. Its fundamental mantra is YA. The region of the ether extends from the space between the eyebrows to the top of the head and the mantra is HA.

The serpent of fire is nourished with these five basic elements. Now we can understand why the neophyte has to pass the ordeals of earth, water, fire, and air. The purifications and sanctifications related with these elements of Nature nourish the serpent and permit its ascent through the sacred mountain range of the spinal column. The ascent of the serpent is impossible without the purifications and sanctifications of these four elements. Brahma is the God of the earth. Nararyana is the God of the water. Rudra is the God of the fire. Ishwara is the God of the air. Sudashiva is the God of the ether.

By meditating upon these ineffable Gods, we can obtain their assistance for the awakening of the chakras, wheels, or discs of the Vital Body. It is advisable to make these magnetic centers vibrate in order to prepare them for the advent of the fire. Meditate and vocalize the mantra for each element. Concentrate your attention on each of these elemental Gods and beg them to help you with the awakening of the chakras. In this way you will become a practical occultist.

Dear advisers, I beg your pardon if commenting on someone else's question is not allowed. I was just reading the Perfect Matrimony and preparing myself for this exact meditation when Dharmic posted the video. Noticing the parallel between them I feel inspired to share this and maybe it can help. If not wanted, please delete.

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