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I really appreciate the efforts of the founders of this marvelous website and the high modesty of the instructors in answering our questions as they are like master samael not bored from repetition the teachings for the newcomers, and almost all things are free and special thanks to the transcriptions that is a great effort for who are not fluent in English especially in listening to understand fully although the instructors speak slowly anyway in the audio lectures.

My experience in Gnosis is very enjoying although it appears in the beginning harsh and overwhelming but the more you experience and be patient the more you follow your inner voice in the details and become more free and happy from observing yourself like the scientist or the doctor but who knows you (after God) more than you? and the more you become good and pure in thoughts words and deeds the more comprehension you get.

The most distinguishing thing about our tradition is that it concentrates a lot about the sexual energy because it is a science or medicine of the great secret work of the mysterious initiates of alchemists along the history from Taoism, Hinduism (yoga) and mystic sects in all religions and it showed in this era on the surface because it is the last excuse from God to this stubborn evil intellectual animals so called humans and because the cycle and history repeats itself, the last alarm as magic is a mixed blessing weapon like any science as Nobel invented dynamites they used it for wars or Einstein invented atomic bomb using his knowledge of energy and physics, that is why the sages were careful to not give the teachings to the reckless kids.

The sexual problem is so common these days because of the degeneration in the souls and minds and it is a mind energy problem but its illusion is very strong, don't you see that the nervous or worried couples can't have sex even they are in the event itself (not in lustful imagination) with their beloved spouse? that is because the concentration of the mind and energy on other things in life overwhelmed the law of the nature, also the humans who concentrate in God and the divine works in their three minds can solve the illusion of the lustful mind or Satan.

Most suffering religious followers now that they don't meditate that is why they don't perceive from God and they don't observe their bodies to know about the energy and mind (transmutation) and if their devotees did they will be enlightened as Gnosis or Christ is the universal law and the law is the law and God is God at the end.

Althoguh I haven't seen visions yet but I am sure one day I will with the help my innermost and my divine mother and we all feel and have experiences anyway.
9 years ago
Thank you

Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah,
the Root of David, has prevailed to open the book,
and to loose the seven seals thereof. - Revelation 5: 5

9 years ago
Lion of Judah wrote:

Thank you

Welcome Lion of Judah, and that's a little gratitude to you guys, and trying to help my brothers in humanity and maybe one day I become enlightened and we all as well, Amen.

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