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  Tuesday, 26 November 2013
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Introductory: We all know the benefit and hope the discovery of these teachings gave us. When finding this I was a fool, but not a innocent one but a very mischievous, not caring much for others because the darkness of this world and of ourselves gave me no hope to work for its betterment. It was firstly when we found these teachings - religion without dogma and with true practicality; ''this is something new!'' - and when we received the love of the instructors at Glorian as well as from the V.M Samael that we felt capable and willing to do well for others as well. Thus we would have lamentably failed the ''seven year test of the monk'' given the terrible dogma at charge in these monasteries...

Case: Thus, we feel the need to give others this chance, it is the only right thing to do and Samael clearly stated that this was his wish (as we interpreted it anyhow). So, we are now in a endow to try and donate the books to public libraries in Europe (lamentably not a easy endeavor it would seem...). We also want to donate the DVD ''Sex: the secret gate to Eden''.

Question one: Do you - as people more in sync with your inner judge (KAOM) - think it in accordance with the law to donate the works of WM Samael to public libraries?
One the one hand Samael wants his works to be spread and on the other he states that the student must be tested. Indeed it seems that it is not without much preliminary spiritual suffering and confusion that one finally arrives at this knowledge....

Case two - regarding the donation of the DVD to a public library; copyright conflict:
''This product is authorized for non-commercial private exhibition in homes and Gnostic schools only. All other rights reserved. Unless expressly authorized by the copyright owner [thelema press], any copying, exhibition, export, distribution or other use of this product is strictly prohibited. [...]''

[b]Question two:[/b ]Would you grant us the formal right to donate this to a public library? Why these limitations on how knowledge is spread?
Being grown up during the IT age I cannot help feel a slight animosity again the limitation of knowledge... This is the business of power mongers as I see it. Is this not the Age of Aquarius where the waters of possibilities should flow freely?
1. Our very purpose is to ensure that the teachings are available everywhere.

2. That statement was required by the rights holders of the artwork that was licensed for use in the video. It does not apply to your proposed use.

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