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I am referring to a quote from Master Samael's work:
Yes, there is hell, devil and Karma:

"Question: Master, is the tempting Serpent of Eden the same Sacred Serpent?
Answer: My dear Fraters, your question seems to me very interesting and I hasten to
It is clear that in the avernus the truth disguises itself in darkness. It is rather surprising to
know that the snake can polarize itself in a positive or negative manner.
This means to say that the tempting serpent of Eden although being the tenebrous contrast
of the serpent of light is undoubtedly the negative polarization of the bronze serpent that
healed the Israelites in the desert.
It is surprising to know that the radiating serpent polarizes itself in this fatal manner and
this invites us to comprehend that it does so for the good of its own child, to destroy in
the avernus the infrahuman elements that we carry within and free us from the frightening
clutches of pain; this is how the love of every Divine Mother is.

Question: Venerable Master, the narrative that you have told us is truly impressive
about the love of the Divine Mother that whether it be in the aspect of light or of darkness
she frees her child, the essence, inclusive through the most painful manner within the
entrails of the Earth.

How is it possible that many black magicians with awake
consciousness, knowing the pain that they have to go through, persevere on the path of
black tantrism and the second death?
Answer: Distinguished gentleman, it is good that everyone here present know that some
awaken for the light and others for the darkness as I have said in past books.
However, there exists a radical difference among those who awaken positively and those
who do it in a negative manner.
Undoubtedly, the lost ones, those who have awakened in evil and for evil, although
knowing that they should involute in the entrails of the world, until the second death
before achieving the restoration of the original pristine purity of the psychic matter, do
not repent of the path that they have chosen because they have made of their involution
and of the fatal wheel of Samsara a religion, a mystique...It is not superfluous to inform
this audience that the left handed adepts have temples in the submerged regions where
they worship the negative aspect of the serpent. Certainly, those infrahuman beings are
never unaware of the luck that is reserved for them; they even wish to hasten it so as to
emancipate themselves and go out free into the light of the Sun, with the purpose of once
again beginning a new evolution that will begin once more, as I have said, with the hard
rock and continue with the vegetable and animal state until one has reconquered the state
of intellectual humanoid.
When one talks with Jahve, one can clearly evince that the lost ones hate the Solar Logos
and that they are plainly convinced, in love with the wheel of Samsara (vicious and fatal

To gradually extinguish the Luciferic Fire is equivalent to ascending the Luciferic
staircase degree by degree.

Lucifer, that miserable worm that passes through the world, the Passionate fire, the
Tempting Serpent of Eden, the Repugnant Viper that granted onto Eve the bitter food, is
our worst adversary.
Lucifer is the Antithesis of Christ. It is that malignant reptile that slyly writhes through
the green grass and perfumed flowers of spirituality.

Unfortunately, the only thing that the Luciferic Intellect does is torment us with the
incessant battle of the opposites.

We know that beyond the body, the affections and of the mind, is the internal divine
Logoi... Unquestionably, that which is ineffable, that which is real, projects its own
reflection, its own shadow, within ourselves, here and now.
Undoubtedly, the inner Sun of each of us also has its shadow and the latter fulfills its
specific mission in the depth of our own consciousness.
Obviously such a shadow, such a logical reflection is the psychological trainer, Lucifer,
the tempter...
In the psychological gymnasium of human existence, a trainer is always required, with
the purpose of educing powers, faculties, extraordinary virtues, etc., etc.
In what manner could virtues spring forth from us, if temptation did not exist?
Only through the struggle, the contrast, temptation and rigorous esoteric discipline can
there spring forth in us the flowers of virtue.
The Devil then is not that tenebrous personage created by the dogmatism of some dead
sects and against which theMarquis of Merville threw all his anathemas.
The devil is also not that fabulous entity that deserves a pardon, as was written by
Giovanni Papini in his famous book titled “The Devil,” for which this compassionate
author was excommunicated; we all know very well that Giovanni Papini was the
Vatican’s spoiled child; however he was disqualified in the time of Pious X
Ladies and gentlemen: Satan, Lucifer, the Devil is something beyond all of this, he is the
reflection of our own inner Being in ourselves and within our own consciousness, here
and now."

In the latest article, it seems clear that Lucifer is deadly against the ego in us, but from the above quote it seems this 'entity' jahve is not in league with God as is Lucifer, but is simple fallen for the sake of being fallen. Any more insight would be really appreciated.
9 years ago
Lucifer is the polarized ray of Christ. Lucifer is part of our inner Being.

"Now, let us survey a little bit further. Let us delve deeper into the profound, unknowable depths of our Being. We know that our internal divine Logos abides beyond the body, the affections, and the mind. Thus, unquestionably, our divine Logos—that which is the ineffable, that which is the reality in us—projects its own reflection, its own shadow, within ourselves, here and now. Undoubtedly, the inner Sun of each one of us also has its shadow, which fulfills a specific mission within the very depths of our own consciousness. Obviously, that shadow, that Logoic reflection, is the psychological tutor, Lucifer, the tempter... A tutor whose purpose is the development of powers, faculties, extraordinary virtues, etc., is always required in the psychological gymnasium of human existence. Otherwise, how could virtues spring forth from within us, if temptation did not exist?" - Hell, the Devil, and Karma
Jahve is an initiate from ancient times who fell into black magic.
"Javhe is a terribly perverse fallen Angel. Javhe is the genius of evil. Christ is the leader of the great White Lodge and Javhe, his antithesis, is the chief of the great Black Lodge. [...] The great majority of human beings fanatically follow Javhe." - The Perfect Matrimony

"Do not worry; cultivate the habit of being happy." - Samael Aun Weor

9 years ago
Thank you for your reply. Its just than in your post jahve is referred to as "antithesis" and so is Lucifer referred in the same way in the quote of my first post. L is concerned with destroying the ego and releasing the spirit. So this entity J is instead wants to keep the ego and try to destroy the spirit instead?! Or just total annhilation of ego and spirit, like 'war' with God and using all ego's and their spirits that can be induced to accept this fallen philosophy as well. All i am saying is on the path, how does one know if the tempter is J or L? I ask because as a "genius of evil" this J might pretend to be L! So, suppose you appreciate the tests of L but instead you find out that you are actually dealing with J. Not that i am saying if this is even possible, but i only ask because there are really really fallen philosophies floating on the internet that might seem like gnosis, bcause they mention L but instead they could be dealing with J.
9 years ago
...how does one know if the tempter is J or L?

Would your response be different depending on who was tempting you? It seems to me that no matter the source of the temptation, the response would be the same.


Question: Master, how can we differentiate when Lucifer is acting in us and when the ego is acting in us?

Samael Aun Weor: I will gladly answer your question. We have already talked clearly about the Luciferic super-darkness and about the infra-darkness of ignorance and error. Lucifer, the tempter, the great trainer in the psychological gymnasium of existence, works by tempting us, yet these internal impressions tend to be polarized negatively or fatally by means of our egotistical activity.

Indubitably, it is only by means of serene self-reflection and profound, internal meditation that we can make a clear differentiation between inner, direct Luciferic impressions and bestial egotistical impressions.

Normally, people with sleeping consciousness are not properly prepared in order to make such a differentiation of impressions, since this requires a lot of psychological training.

Jahve and his minions utilize our egos, and we allow it, in order to feed our desires. We make "deals." This is what binds us to the black lodge.

Lucifer merely points out the ego.

In each case, how we respond to the temptation, the "offer," is up to us. And naturally, we have to bear the consequences.

"Do not worry; cultivate the habit of being happy." - Samael Aun Weor

9 years ago
Would your response be different depending on who was tempting you? It seems to me that no matter the source of the temptation, the response would be the same.

Ah yes, you are right, my response will be the same regardless. Its a question of natural Vigilance.
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