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  Monday, 08 July 2024
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Greeting team. Peace and much love.
I am in the in the middle of my course on the Hebrew Alphabet and my mind is blown with what I am leaning. I still feel like I am scratching the surface with what I am able to understand.

I came across a picture on the internet of Ra and I noticed a few interesting things. First I noticed that the symbol of the Ankh fits perfectly over the image of the Tree of Life. With that in mind I noticed that Ra holds the Ankh precisely at the top, which we know relates to the letter Kether and the Hebrew letter Iod as the hand of God. Also the Ankh is in his left hand and with his Head, (Iod again) it seems to form a Letter Vav which is the connector and in his his right hand he is holding what looks like the Letter Zayin which relates to a staff or the sword. Then on the top of his head is a final Mem, the fountain of wisdom of all creation. On the internet I also find the word Mem relates to words like, Memory, Commemorate, memoir, remember etc which is a further clue that the symbol on the head of Ra is a final Mem. lastly the way he is standing looks like the letter Gimel which means Ra is a rich man running after a poor man to give him charity or I would rather say wisdom.

I am still trying to wrap my head around all of this. Am I intuiting it correctly so far?
1 week ago
It is difficult to follow such explanations without seeing the picture in question. But the more important question is, what did it teach you? Did it really help to say "this is this and the other thing that"? What did the image, the symbols and their combination convey to the development of your consciousness? Did you catch a special teaching or did you do this with the letters and symbols:


If it is the latter, then you have not finished comprehending the image and need a few more steps in meditation. Until you actually learn something new from it.
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