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  Wednesday, 26 June 2024
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I was wondering if maybe I might be able to help some of my friends and family in hell... I have been trying to learn how to do it and what can be done... while learning about this I found this passage from the lecture personal Experiences of Transmigration and the Path.

"...he(judas) does not have ego yet he lives there, in the Abyss, and doing what? Fighting to save the lost, those who have no remedy; he is like a ray of Christ lost in the Abyss, suffering for the lost."

"Question: So, venerable master, by fulfilling that role Judas did not receive karma?

Samael Aun Weor: On the contrary, dharma by millions, by tons. Judas Iscariot is a great master; neither he wanted that role either. He did nothing but to repeat what he had learned by heart, as it had to be done. He had to be exact, precise, at the right time; everything had to be perfect according to the role. But he has never betrayed Jesus, he is the best disciple of Jesus. And not only did Judas get there, but he descended into the Abyss and lives in the infernal worlds. I saw that they hung him, they put ropes on him in the Abyss (when I went to visit the Abyss), and he let himself be hung. Of a unique humility that killed the ego, he does not have ego yet he lives there, in the Abyss, and doing what? Fighting to save the lost, those who have no remedy; he is like a ray of Christ lost in the Abyss, suffering for the lost.

It is something extraordinary, nobody knows where Judas has gone. If there is a man who has earned the right to enter the Unmanifested Absolute, it is Judas Iscariot. None of us serve to remove Judas’ sandals. I don't even think I'm capable of taking his sandals off, I still don't feel capable of doing what Judas did, I don't feel capable. I don't know if any of you feel capable. That of living in the Abyss renouncing all happiness, devoid of ego, yet living in the Abyss trying to save the lost (not even in the physical world); hated by all the crowds and all that stuff, considered a traitor, when all he's done is obey the Lord.

No one even remotely suspects the sacrifice that Judas did for humanity. He is the only one who has not had honors; for him there has been no praise, no one has praised him. How dead will his ego be? So, he is the best of the disciples that the Christ has. Well, and yet now his body of doctrine is extraordinary. The Iscariots had studied the body of doctrine of Judas: the total death of the ego.

All the mysteries of Judas must be lived in the causal world: the mysteries of Judas, the absolute death of the animal ego. Nothing can remain of the ego, since Judas, as master, left nothing of ego, he renounced everything that tastes of happiness and lives in the Abyss among the lost; the best of the Lord's disciples. He is the greatest of the sacrificed, the one who has the most right to happiness yet lives in the Abyss among the reprobates, among those who have no remedy; he is there, solely for the love of humanity, trying in the darkness to look for someone who loves the light. When he manages to find someone repentant, he will instruct him and if he manages to get him out, he brings him out of the Abyss; that is what Judas does. So, condemning Judas is the worst of crimes. The one we have to condemn is the inner Judas; that is his body of doctrine.

That traitor who sells the Lord for thirty pieces of silver, (which is nothing else that exchanges it for pleasures, liquors, and all the things of the world) is the one who must be condemned and judged. Judas indicated that to us with his doctrine. That is his doctrine, his doctrine is the most profound: the absolute death of the ego. If there is one man who deserves reverence, it is Judas Iscariot."
3 weeks ago
What is your question?
1 week ago
We help others the more we raise our level of being. When we change internally, our external circumstances also change. Meditate and eliminate the egos that make you ineffective in helping others.

For thirty years I sought God. But when I looked carefully I found that in reality God was the seeker and I the sought. -Bayazid al-Bastami

I can try to help others, especially those who think religion smells worse then Times Square NYC on a humid Sunday morning, by helping them to manage their 3 brains. for example, I can remind someone close to me to control their breathing while walking through hells kitchen... and that might help them live longer.
I can help with impressions, instead of choosing to look at everyone who be ugly or attractive, yelling, getting arrested, passed out on drugs, super hot and sexy, hand in pocket crossing the street, wearing alligator shoes with the cutest vest on the cutest dog on the planet, etc etc... I can try to remind myself and them to digest and transform the impressions, it is perspective, think objectively instead of just reacting... without mentioning religion at all. to analyze with intelligence.

Everyone I know wants to be more intelligent, but no one I know wants to keep the intelligence.
so It seems to be how help to others be more intelligent?
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