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  Thursday, 11 May 2023
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Dear Instructors,

I wrote a lullaby praising the wisdom of the sycamore and the sphinx. Any feedback will greatly appreciated.

Lullaby of the Sphinx

Under the starry skies, I close my eyes,
And let the magic of the Sphinx arise,
As my thoughts recede, like the leaving tide,
I wonder of your secrets and stories yet untold.

Oh pristine, land of the Pharaohs,
Stands the Sphinx, majestic and alone,
Whispers of wisdom and mystery,
From a time so distant, yet still vivid,
Built by hands of the Sun.

Oh Praise architects of old,
Their love for wisdom untold,
Their toil, their sweat, their endless might,
Defy time with every sight.

May the order of MAAT reign,
With the ancient Sycamore be thy guide,
Crafted with precision, like a razor's edge,
A gaze at the mystery, I pray.

Close your eyes, fellow traveller,
Let the wings of the Sphinx take flight,
May this lullaby fill your heart,
With the magic of the ancient might.
Sleep well, sweet child,
As the Sphinx guards your slumber,
With stories and secrets yet to discover,
Till the dawn of a new day's wonder.

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