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  Tuesday, 09 May 2023
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I want to say thanks to you and your great web site i really love your works you make me question is about god , I am muslim and i also read Torah and bible and Zohar, in all of them specially in our book Quran say Thad god is one , he is not born and not be born, as we can see in Zohar it say hakadosh baraho (holy one blessed be he) so how can it be related to Trinity . in our holy book Quran said that who tells that god is tree are infidel (kafer کافر) and god dos not love them and don't clean them and don't give them bless . and actually the first commend god in Torah is to not take any other god before him
and to not make any shape of him. actually in Quran there is two sins that god doesn't forgive. one is( کفرkofr )(کفر means hiding something in this case hiding god ) and another is (شرک sherk )(which means there is more than one god and they together creat the word) so when i read your listens i can't understand how Abrahamic religion that said god is one can say that god is tree androgenous forces of ketter ,chokma , binah. i very appropriate you if you answer my question .with much love 🌹❤️
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