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  Sunday, 05 March 2023
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I truly apologize as this is multiple questions in one post, if I need to make multiple discussions for that I certainly will.

I had cancer in part of my alchemical organs close to five years ago, now, and ended up having an orchidectomy. This was during a period of my life where I was spiraling downwards into stagnation and degeneration of thought and action, e.g. all I did was work at a very dead, pointless job and read for leisure or play video games. At such a time, I had no motivational spirit, belief, or knowledge of healing outside of that described in allopathic medicine (wherein they just treat symptoms and hope the issue goes away on its own for the most part), so when it was found that the likeliness was high of malignant cancer I consented to a one-sided orchidectomy as I was presented that as my only option. --edited to change words regarding alchemical organs to be less direct and thus previously somewhat vulgar

I now know many alternate healing modalities do exist and I should have sought for their existence instead of blindly following the lead of money-centered medical approaches. I have completely changed in outlook and perception of life, and intend to change how I live it once I discover a possibility to leave the circumstances I am in (I intend to get away from modernized living as much as plausible and grow the healthiest food possible for myself and others, while having better opportunity to interact with people in an organic manner that is conducive to working on the egos). I also have the hope that with appropriate stabilization and reversal of my recently failing health I can find a way to regenerate the testicle and practice spirituality in its fullest extent--based off of previous questions and replies I've read in this forum it is said that a damaged holy grail disrupts working of the alchemy, though some extent of operation is possible. I have come across healers who have reportedly set people on diets and practices such as fasting which allows for dramatic healing of things such as severed nerves, so that alone seems to be a good start, though I believe that the majority of healing must come from within (e.g. working on the ego and making up for ones faults by good works).

I believe at this time that for those who have oriented their way towards the path to mastery, unless a decision is made to not walk the path then the path will be open to be walked and the walking of it unpreventable. No one has come out and told me this, but I find it appropriate to believe until I am told otherwise. I just don't know whether this would need to be this lifetime I am living now or whether there is additional "time" until the end of the reincarnation wheel's turns and a later lifetime would be available to contribute towards this.

What would be a generally accepted view of achieving healing of part of the alchemical organs which in this case is partially missing? Would it be possible to confirm in the Gnostic teachings that the path is unpreventable to those who choose to walk it? Also, I was looking at the health info contained in Glorian, it is said people should inhale their essential oil/zodiacal perfume daily for healing, I can't figure out what the "perfume of coral" would be as suggested for Scorpio, or maybe it's better to say that there are too many things which that could be and no current website agrees on what oils are best for what zodiac sign.
2 weeks ago
While the article referenced below discusses the effects of vasectomy, hysterectomy, and tubal ligation, it also applies to orchidectomy.

Have you read this?

For thirty years I sought God. But when I looked carefully I found that in reality God was the seeker and I the sought. -Bayazid al-Bastami

2 weeks ago
Many thanks, I have been using that page linked above as a reply as guidance for how to perceive the results I might expect for this situation.

In the circumstances I'm seeing in the world today I have been alarmed at how crazed things have become and from my perspective at this time the majority of people will be in great tumult and danger in the near future. I have been looking through a lot of information when not working but have not gone through a correct meditation procedure due to inexperience or improper methods so far, and have had no spiritual experiences to the conscious mind. It really feels like I've found the door to the path (rejecting the self, giving to others) and it's starting to open but in the same timeframe the situation in the world makes for a possibility that I can't even put one foot in that door before something happens which may prevent or delay this, such as my current organism expiring due to lack of food or shelter.

My workplace is very rapid and involves interacting with large quantities of people in succession, it doesn't seem conducive to working on egos when multiple people are demanding my interaction simultaneously for hours on end each day, and I don't have people I interact with outside of work yet, including family--they are distant and we are all solitary by nature for various reasons. I am willing to go anywhere God indicates but have no idea where that would be, or whether I could even be welcome in any community as someone physically flawed, unknown, and a blank slate on actual spirituality.
5 days ago
When we transform our level of being, then external circumstances, situations, and relationships will change.

For thirty years I sought God. But when I looked carefully I found that in reality God was the seeker and I the sought. -Bayazid al-Bastami

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