Tuesday, 28 February 2023
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Sadly our 15 year old cat was euthanised two days ago (on the 27th in the afternoon) due to illness and a rapid decline of health. Despite our best efforts there was nothing more that we could do for him so we decided to take him to our local veterinary practice where we could get further advice or treatment for him if possible. The doctor confirmed with a blood test and some of the symptoms he was presenting with that his kidneys have failed, his tongue and gums were developing large ulcers, rapid weight loss, loss of apetite, confusion, falling in and out of sleep etc he was not in good health at all.

We then agreed with the doctor to go ahead with the euthanasia as it appeared that he would be suffering a painful drawn out death. I kept myself composed and comforted him while the doctor was giving him the injection. He fell unconscious quickly and then gave out three big gasps of air as his heart shut down, that was quite a sad moment as we knew at that moment he was gone, although at the same time relieved that he didn't suffer in that deteriorated body any longer.

We brought his body back home and placed it inside of a large round ceramic pot with a ceramic lid which will be buried in the backyard at our home, although cremation would have been better i'm trying to do the best with what we have in this case. I have been burning frankincence incence for the last day and a half, some myrrh and keeping candles lit day and night, all near his coffin. Inside his coffin I've placed myrrh resin and frankincense surrounding his body and dropped frankincense essential oil on his forehead and around his body, prayed for him to follow the guidance of his innermost and prayed for my innermost to command my elemental advocate to do what it can to help if it is within the Divine will and by the law of karma. I have also placed some frankincense in a copper vessel of water and asked if the elementals of the water could also help him during his transit through death.

Later today we will bury him in the soil where our grape vines grow, next to the favorite vine that he always used to sharpen his claws on. I have burnt copal over this area and will again burn copal over this area before the burial and then frankincense afterwards.

This morning between vigil and wake I heard his cry for my attention, is there anything else that I could do for him?

He was a significant part of our family and we loved him very much, he brought into our family his innocent light and we appreciated that very much, his company was of great comfort to us, he was always treated with the most respect and although he didn't show affection often, we always made sure to let him know that he was always loved regardless.

1 year ago
Let him go with happiness and without tears. Attachment or longing for the dead causes them pain, and impedes their process. The best thing to do is send them love and encouragement to move on.

“Nothing is easier than self-deceit. For what each man wishes, that he also believes.” —Demosthenes

"Do not worry; cultivate the habit of being happy." —Samael Aun Weor

1 year ago
Thank you, may his transit be smooth and painless as much as possible!
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Thanks to all involved in posting this information, it has helped with my doubts and questions too.
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