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  Friday, 27 January 2023
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My degenerate brother who's addicted to money runs a bar. I used to work in this bar because I was guilty tripped by my family into working there, but recently I tried to sever all the ties I had with that place and told my brother to only call me if it is necessary. The problem is that he's abusing his right to call me and he scams me into staying way more time than I need on that place. Soon I will tell him I will never again in my life bartend for him again. If he has no one to bartend for him(because everyone else would just steal from his cashier) then he can close the bar when he needs. He gets angry and thinks it's my duty to work at the bar, even though I don't depend on him for anything.

I know gnostics shouldn't be fanatics, but I hate bars, I hate alcohol, I hate drunkeness. Also I think what my brother does running a bar is 100% criminal and he will pay with pain in the abyss, even though he thinks he is very righteous and everyone "admires" him.

So, how do we deal with people guilty tripping us into doing bad things?

Should a gnostic never ever bartend?
1 month ago
I asked God for help with this. So I told my brother I didn't want to bartend again, and even though he got a little irritated, he respected my decision, everyone respected my decision. God helps us more when we are in chastity, transmuting the energy and making a spiritual effort.
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