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  Saturday, 21 January 2023
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Would it be best to vocalise SM HON rather than whisper or mentally recite it?

Since it is an hour practice would it be beneficial to do it in say two 30 minute sessions if we find it difficult to do it all at once?

It was mentioned in another post by an instructor that this mantra also transmutes the sexual energy, would we still need to have a separate practice exclusively for pranayama?

I’ve worked with different pranayama techniques although id like to do sam ha but i feel a bit dizzy and feel like my breathing is forced, so i avoided it, the most comfortable for me is simply to breathe in and out of my nose while imagining the energy travelling to the brain then heart, as explained in the new lecture videos on meditation. Is this just as effective as ham sa or egyptian pranayama practices?
1 week ago
You can vocalize S M HON for two separate 30 minute sessions if the pacing suits you.

S M HON transmutes energy to heal the mind. It’s good to also work with the form of pranayama you prefer, since it is effective like the other forms.

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