Tuesday, 08 November 2022
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Our 9 year old daughter has her sexual energy coming online. She is expressing it by wanting to kiss her mother and step dad like she is seeing in movies (we tell her not to do it and it's laughed off), touching herself, liking a boy at school, etc.
We've seen the benefits of not orgasming and ejaculating in our own lives which we've transitioned over to, however we're unsure how to have this conversation around masturbation with our child without shaming her or giving her a complex about touching herself.

We are wondering if an instructor or the community have any resources or helpful information around having a masturbation conversation that advocates for non sexual excitement and orgasm, but more self love and respect/appreciation.

We don't want orgasm to be adopted as the release for energy build up but instead to teach her how to channel it resourcefully. This feels like a not so common approach, hence our asking here.

Thanks in advance

Steve and Ester.
2 weeks ago
Is there another way to ask this question of an instructor in order to receive a response?
1 week ago
It is extremely difficult in our modern era to discuss this topic, since there exists so much sexual propaganda and open indoctrination of children. Because such efforts are widespread, intense, and pervasive, it is even more important as parents to be as open, clear, and transparent as possible about it.

You always have to model what you want your child to emulate. You can only teach what you have lived. If transmutation has helped you to be a more decent, upright human being, then it is important to elucidate the process by which you came to that understanding. No one can effectively teach what one hasn't personally lived.

It might be good to first discuss what exactly your child has been exposed to, so that by addressing their current knowledge, you can better educate them. Pranayama is a wonderful practice to begin transmuting the sexual energy and is one of the first practices young people should learn as they are maturing.

The best resource I know of for parents is Fundamentals of Gnostic Education. This will give you the pedagogical background knowledge to better address you and your child's concerns.

For thirty years I sought God. But when I looked carefully I found that in reality God was the seeker and I the sought. -Bayazid al-Bastami

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