Monday, 07 November 2022
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a book titled heaven and hell by Emanuel sweedenborg

in it the chapter 'heaven is divided into two kingdoms' he writes

" ... overall heaven is divided into two kingdoms, a heavenly kingdom and a spiritual kingdom. Angels of the heavenly kingdom accept the Lord's [divine] nature in their volitional side, and therefore more deeply (inwardly) than do spiritual angels, who accept it (the Lords divine nature) into their cognitive side"

((In their volitional side reminds me of thelema. which brings my question in mind... this (whole world) teaching ( dharma gnosis, etc etc) is basically angel (and demon) school? If there are different levels of being on earth, there must be different levels of being in heaven.. And how does one soul go more inwardly then another soul? ))

"The angels in the Lord's heavenly kingdom far surpass the angels of the spiritual kingdom in regard to wisdom and splendor because they accept the Lord's divine nature on a deeper (inwardly) level. They live in love for him, and are therefore more intimately united to him. The reason for their excellence is that they have accepted divine truths directly into their lives and continue to do so, rather than taking into memory and thought first, the way spiritual angels do..." "This means they have them engraved on their hearts and grasp them, virtually see them, within themselves...I will put my law in their midst and write it in their hearts...Heavenly angels do not reason about truths of faith because they grasp them within themselves, while spiritual angels do reason about whether they are true or not..."

so to take advantage of life, is to take charge of your own education! The monad learns the laws of life throughout ages and ages until the human form is given. The human form is a chance to become an angel!?!?!?! That is awesome!!! I never really heard anybody talk about life being angel school!

don't give up!
2 weeks ago

For thirty years I sought God. But when I looked carefully I found that in reality God was the seeker and I the sought. -Bayazid al-Bastami

so beautiful.
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