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I try to achieve an OBE for almost 9 years now.

I think that I’m a very spiritual person, for example having joined a Rosicrucian Order this year, meditating on a daily basis, reading gnostic, hermetic and enlightenment literature since years, and trying to be aware of my thoughts and „just-being“ as often as I can throughout the day.

I’m not trying to convince you that I’m a holy person and free of mistakes, but simply that I take the spiritual path very serious and see a lot of progress already (regarding my mind state and thoughts, e.g. forgiveness, no anger etc.).

The only thing that simply just doesn’t happen are Lucid Dreams and Astral Projection.
I want to use them to meet spiritual teachers, to advance on my path, but that door is closed.

Which I just don’t understand.
I remember 4-5 dreams each morning, I keep a Dream Journal, I make countless Reality Checks each day, I meditate twice each day, I make affirmations before sleep, I pray to the Holy Mother to help me getting lucid, and (during natural wake ups) make a WBTB almost every night.
I tried each and every known technique, either immediately while waking up and each time while falling asleep.
I used tools like binaural beats, I used Subliminals, I listened to guided meditations and took dream supplements.
And I also had several longer breaks and just stopped everything for weeks or even months, during those 8 years, as I know that trying too hard can get you into the way, so that things can happen as soon as you let go.

But I just don’t get lucid, and I never experienced the famous vibrational state or other sensations.

Last year, for the first time, I started with mantras: each time I fell asleep (evening and WBTB) I chanted FARAON.
And each day, during one of my two meditation sessions, I chanted (mentally) EGIPTO for a full hour.

After a little bit than more 3 months I stopped, because nothing happened.

Now, almost a year later, I restarted with these two mantras, same daily and nightly „ritual“ as described.

My questions now are:
1. Will these mantras work if I just keep on doing them (even if it takes more than 3 months)? Are they a tool that works „by itself“, just by keeping practicing it, no matter how long it takes?
2. Is it possible that the „other side“ (or my Higher Self) simply doesn’t want me to experience such things? Or might it be an explicit challenge, to test me if I keep practicing it, even if it takes 9+ years?

Thanks for any answers, insights or advice!
2 months ago
Our dreaming life is a reflection of our waking life. If we awaken consciousness in our physical life, then we will awaken consciousness in the world of dreams and after death. If you are not awakening internally, it is because you are asleep in your daily life.

Just "being" is not the same as being awake.

Read these books carefully and slowly. These two books can totally change your life, if you comprehend them.

"Do not worry; cultivate the habit of being happy." - Samael Aun Weor

2 months ago
Thank you for that answer.
I can confirm what you say theoretically, though not practically, so to speak.

As I said I read spiritually deep literature since many years, including gnostic and hermetic books like those from S. Aun Weor.
I firmly believe in „darker“ beings that rule in the universe, besides „good“ forces, and that only self-consciousness can lead one to liberty and higher dimensions.
So, I’m not just trying „to be“, but I come back again and again to acknowledge the seer, the I AM.
I already experienced a shift in my awareness and thinking, so I simply know and feel that I am not that body, but a spirit with / inside that body.
This one is hard to describe, but it’s as simple as that. I know and I feel it.

Regarding my dreams, in these I often am part of some sort of Astral Class, like being in some sort of „Harry Potter“-academy and getting challenged each time.
It’s always the same, I’m part of a group of 5-8 „students“ and we must overcome some sort of obstacle, or I remember coming back from such endeavors.
I even feel like remembering the one or other in some dreams!
And I also have dreams where I fly around, from time to time.

Thus, I am pretty sure that these dreams reflect another type of consciousness, it shows me that an inner awakening already must have started.

And this is why I don’t understand that I can’t get through that lucid-door.

I mean, many people, including my own (absolutely non-spiritual) wife, have no problems to get lucid or experience an OBE after some weeks or months of practice.
Their chakras can’t be opened / developed that much if they are not spiritual and still often impulsive and materialistic grounded, but the simple fact of making Reality Checks is enough so they start to lucid dream, right.
If I watch myself, then, it’s not understandable for me to have that massive barrier.
It should „at least“ be as easy to make progress, if not easier with that background.
That’s why I’m asking these 2 questions.
2 months ago
Read those books, and put them into practice.

The techniques work. The obstacle is something in yourself that you are not seeing or are not willing to see.

"Do not worry; cultivate the habit of being happy." - Samael Aun Weor

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