Monday, 12 September 2022
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My question is, how is it possible that the Lemurians where "new" to the practice of white tantra, after listening to the lecture Anthropogenesis part 1, the instructor mentioned the following!

Since they were new to the sexual knowledge, they were instructed by the Elohim. These Elohim were not only physical, but were internal, Lemurians were able to see them; it is not as we in this epoch, we can see physically a Master, but not internally, because we need to restore the internal senses to see the inner Being of any creature, or any animal. At that time, however, the Lemurians had twelve senses; the seven chakras were fully developed and through these senses they were not only seeing the Elohim of this planet Earth, but, they were capable of seeing the Elohim of other planets, the humanity of other planets of this solar system and other solar systems.

First question is how would they have developed the 7 chakras and the 12 senses, without KNOWING white TANTRA!!

And then, the instructor mentioned this, from Anthropogenesis 1:

Thus, that humanity, who didn’t possess much knowledge of that which the Bible calls “Good and Evil,”

And from my understanding the tree of Good and Evil is in reference to "da'ath" or mysteries of sex, or white and black sexual magic,

Second question is, how is that possible, that this God's never knew the Mysteries of sex, black and white?
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