Wednesday, 22 June 2022
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As I observe, this world is a huge concentration camp. I live in Brazil, and there's just so much inequality. Some people have huge amounts of terrain that are just sitting there being used for nothing. While other people have to work at slave physical jobs just to have the basics(food, clothing, shelter).

Everywhere I go people say "money is all, money rules". While some people might talk of God, all they respect is money, alcohol, fornication.

I know a guy who is "very christian" and likes to lecture people into believing in Jesus, but this guy is a drunkard, sleeps with random women, etc. But he thinks there's no problem in doing these things, because "the lamb died on the cross for his sins". He obviously thinks he's superior than me and constantly tries to convert me to his religion.

The cruelty has corroded society. In the past month in the USA some crazed guy entered a school and killed 21 people, most of them children. The cops just stood there doing nothing. They don't care about saving children. And society doesn't even care when shootings happen anymore. It has become normalized to go on killing sprees.

In my home there was cruelty too. My father went to jail and my mother divorced him. My mother had like 10 husbands afterwards. And when she didn't have husbands she would bring random men to have sex with at home. Hearing her moaning to all these random men everyday, I began to see her as just a, forgive me term, "slut".

And then when I was 18 I was kicked out of home for not having a job, if life wasn't already cruel enough.

Could it be said we're already living in a world of 192 laws, or even 288?
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