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  Tuesday, 13 July 2021
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Here to ask a question about a helpful prayer by Rudolf Steiner, from his book Guidance in Esoteric Training.
“For someone who has died
... Let yourself go quiet three times a day, the last time just before dropping off to sleep, so that you take these thoughts with you into the world of the spirit. The best thing is to go to sleep with this in mind:
My love, given in sacrifice,
Shall be woven into the forms
That now envelop you,
Cooling all warmth,
Warming all coldness.
Live supported by love,
Given the gift of light,
As you ascend.

Does this prayer stop being effective after sometime? Reading articles on the website says, normally souls return to new bodies in seven years. That’s my question, wondering if this prayer ever ceases to be effective.
Aaron Parker marked this post as Resolved — 2 years ago
2 years ago
An Instructor has submitted this relevant response to all those interested:

"It depends on our own mind how effective the prayer is. Good to do the prayer before we go to sleep. Also reading and meditating on the Bible with the deceased person in mind can help as well.

Remember when performing the prayer we should have an attitude of unattached love towards them. Because any attachment to them hinders their development to move on.

I would assume after time the soul would move on and have less attachment to us. However, that depends on karma and our level of consciousness. To verify that we would need to astral project.

The souls of the deceased long for the Spirit (the Being). However, the majority of people cannot develop in the internal plains because they are not conscious they are dead and have not developed the solar bodies of the soul. Therefore, out of necessity they need to incarnate in the physical world.

You may find this interesting: Gazing at the Mystery - Death."

Thank you instructors.
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