Thursday, 29 November 2012
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How many gods in the universe ? I know there is at least one creator (the king of the white lodge) but what about Hindu gods and goddesses ? like Krishna and Shiva and Amba ? and why Buddhist schools didn't find or care about supernatural entities during their journeys and meditations ? The Indians said little about Atman and Brahman , the Greeks said very little about the holy spirit and is that some of the Father or not like the big controversy between the old Ggnostics and Catholics about the nature of the word (the holy spirit) is that a part of the God or the god but in another form (which we can not imagine and he exists everywhere etc) ?

I understood from the site that gods exist as Samael mentioned them a lot but are they real or just super beings but not gods or gods in compare to us ?
what is the difference between the Innermost and the divine mother (kundalini) ? male or female ?!
when we pray , we pray to whom ? god or the innermost (the god within us) or the responsible mother of us ?

I am so confused :(
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