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Hi :)
First of all thank you for your work in Glorian an to all teachers and stundents that are interested in Gnostic teachings.

My question is about lucid dream and connection to golden light and standing before an lagre eye( who i belive is the eye of horus but im not sure about witch eye this represent, i will try to decribe it)

Im not an expert in this at all but my curiosity about meditation over the years seems to have done so that my chatter inside has quieted down, and it seems that i can quiet down my mind but also tried to stay neutral as possible to cravings, sexual lust, "hate if any and so so on....after some time practicing a combination of body relaxation with via yoga nidra and breath observation i reached what i belive is the first jhana. This happend quite fast when you practice but it seems that the key is the mind neutrality
,the body relaxes and gets in an neutral state where you do not "hang your self up in things tha comes up in mind but only observes it...

When i came in contact with glorian and the podcasts that you have there is many, but one partiqular podcast that have been direct in connection with the lucid dream that im discovering now is the connection with the divine mother. ( and

- So when i lay down, close my eyes i thanks the father inside, so i lay and give thanks. This drives an so relaxing feeling that i dontknow how to decribe it. A golden light coming from the right upper corner of my eyes, then it shiftet "scene to a quite large one eye, like a birdseye, it was large, seems that i was looking about 30 degrees up on it, dus white souroundings and 'small black pupil with black retina or stripes in the eye. I was not affraid but the eye was quite intense and saw with konstant fast movments to the right and left before it saw straight at me. I knew it was looking at me, then when it held its eyes on me i felt an upliftet feeling inside me..a positive feeling, something has lifted, or changed inside. Then very fast it was over.

Also thefeelingi got was that it was to much energy to look at, like i could tak a little but not for a longer time, it felt good but like its not to look at for a longer period of time because i felt i was not ready to do that

Do glorian teachers know what this experience mean? I know a little about horus but i do not know the meaning of having such experience, or is only an experience that i shal l stay neutral to(?)

Thank you and feel free to send this post to the woman talking in the cast. Thankyou:)

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Hello Tommy! Have you seen the following?:
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Hello Tommy! Have you seen the following?:
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