Sunday, 28 February 2021
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Defense for Spiritual Warfare, Part 1
8. Culture

Our media — television, movies, books, theater, music — is very deeply steeped in black magic. I am not talking about guys who wear black, “worship the devil,” and play guitars. They are just clowns. That is not what I am talking about. I am talking about real black magic.

Black magic works intensely in our culture, telling us what is cool, what is desirable. We give all of our power, all of our energy, all of our acceptance and agreement, in order to gain what the media promises: pleasure, power, acceptance, the envy of others. What want to be wanted, admired, feared. We want to be “successful.” We want to “get rich.” This entire way of perception is a form of black magic that conditions our behaviors, and ensures the wealth and power of those who are selling what we want. This influence is through politics, music tastes, it works through our economic and social choices. We all just go right along with it thinking we are “fitting in” with society. Really, we are just pawns of black magicians, giving them power. We are going along with the system, being led to slaughter.

Everything on television is selling something. Those “entertainment” shows are programs for robots. Have you “downloaded your new programs” that tell you how to feed your desires, and tell you what is "good" and what is "bad"? Each year, what they say is "good" dips deeper into what our ancient traditions considered unacceptable, even punishable by death. What society is now saying are "good and bad" are derived entirely from the point of view of those who own the media. [Still need are their sincere Gnostic writers?]
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