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"few are the ones who know how to listen, since to know how to listen is very difficult. Indeed, few are the individuals who know how to listen.

When a teacher or a lecturer speaks, the audience seems to be very attentive, as if they were following in detail each word of the speaker. Everything indicates that they are listening, that they are in a state of alertness, nevertheless, within the psychological depth of each individual there is a secretary that translates each word of the speaker.

That secretary is the “I,” the “myself,” the self-willed. The infamous job of that secretary consists in misinterpreting, in mistranslating the words of the speaker. Yes, the “I” translates in accordance with its prejudices, preconceptions, fears, pride, anxieties, ideas, memories, etc.

Students in their school or the individuals who as a group constitute the auditorium [from Latin audire, “to listen”] do not really listen to the speaker. They listen to themselves, they listen to their own “ego,” to their beloved Machiavellian ego that is not willing to accept what is real, true, essential.

Only in a state of alert novelty, with a spontaneous mind, free from the burden of the past, in a state of complete receptivity, can we listen without the intervention of that terrible, ill-omened secretary, namely, the “I,” the “myself,” the self-willed, the ego.

When the mind is conditioned by memory, it only repeats what it has accumulated.

A mind conditioned by the experiences of so many yesterdays can only see the present through the cloudy lens of the past.

If we want to know how to listen, if we want to learn how to listen so that we can discover the new, then we must live in accordance with the philosophy of momentariness!

- fundamentals of Gnostic education

Question here is, when the abuse of sexual energy stops, does this help stop "fantasizing" or is concentration meditation the only way?
1 year ago
Even if you have a nuclear powered race car, you still need someone to drive it intelligently.

Fantasy only stops when your inner driver takes control of the vehicle.

"Do not worry; cultivate the habit of being happy." - Samael Aun Weor

1 year ago
Thanks Alexis, Understood.
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