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  Thursday, 11 February 2021
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Hello guys, correct me if am wrong, so the Sexual energy as I understand in the human body has at least five forms, not just the visible "liquid" that is vicible but many more, are this the only forms or are there more?
The liquid semen in the testicles or ovaries, Sexual semen as energy in the body, the Sexual energy as "fire" that is ecstatic "which produces EUPHORIA" primarily felt in the Sexual act, the Transmuted semen that is "atomic" that ascends to the vital brain which kills our egos, and the creative principles in the testicles or ovaries and lastly sexual magnetism which attracts one to the opposite sex, are there more or is my list correct?
2 years ago
The best way to talk about the sexual energy is through the Three Types of Mercury:

Firstly, there is brute Mercury, which means the Exiohehari, or sacred sperm.

Second, there is the metallic soul of the sperm, which is the result of the transmutation of the sexual libido (the sperm). Therefore, this metallic soul is creative energy that ascends through the ganglionic spinal cords to the brain.

The third Mercury is the most elevated. It is the Mercury that has been fertilized by Sulfur. In Alchemy, Sulfur is the sacred fire.

Within the first type, Brute Mercury, is all the physical and subtle aspects of sexual energy which we receive automatically - raw sexual energy in all its forms.

The second type, metallic soul of the sperm, is the result of sexual transmutation.

The third type occurs through the continued transmutation and refinement of transmutation, which produces the ascent of the kundalini and the crystallizations of the solar bodies.
2 years ago
Very nice
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