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So if the "Garden of eden" in the bible was in Lemuria, Then who were the Atlanteans, Master Samael usually says that the Atlanteans were more ADVANCED in science, technology, and that there health systems were more advanced, as they were able to transplant a brain and a heart, and he also states that they were less degenarates compared to this current aryan race. So three quick questions, what kind of sexuality were the major part of this humans practicing, was it white tantra "the great arcanum", was it black magic of the black magicians or were they just wasting there Sexual semen just like animals, carelessly? And secondly it is well known that most of the people on this earth are 97 percent asleep "consciously" and 3 percent Conscious! Talking about the Atlanteans, what was the level of Consciousness in a normal Atlantean person? And to conclude what differentiates an Atlantean person to an aryan person spiritually speaking, or are they same just more ADVANCED and less degarated? Okay thanks, for everything everyone is doing! Blessings to all!
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The Bible and many cosmogonies speak of the universal flood. You can learn more about this in the story of Noah and the Ark (the great arcanum).

Every humanity has its golden, silver, copper, and iron ages. In any golden age, sexual alchemy is the law. However with time and exposure to human perversity, the collective mind of different civilizations enter into fornication and black magic, as had occurred with the Atlanteans.

There is no difference between the fornication of intellectual animals and the act of black magicians.

I do not know how conscious the Atlanteans were, save from accounts given by Samael Aun Weor. He stated they were awake enough to know the different dimensions of nature, and that they even communicated and commanded the elementals to work for them, either for good or for ill.

You can learn more about the differences of the Aryan and Atlantean Root Races by studying the links below:
1 year ago
Okay, will study those referenced.
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