Tuesday, 29 December 2020
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After understanding that the Consciousness is that tool that one uses when Introspecting/ digging
into "something" to get a better understanding,instead of the BRAIN, and also when retrospecting/remembering events, one also uses the Consciousness to "remember any event of life!
But when it comes to Relaxation Meditation, when say I want to calm my intellectual center, or emotional (heart) center, or EVEN the sexual Center! I don't believe it is the Consciousness that one uses to calm these organs, am thinking "DROWSINESS" is but am not sure, anything I would appreciated!

-Inverential peace
1 year ago
Relaxation must occur in all three brains. Relaxation is a state of being we cultivate with the consciousness, not with exertion, force, or agitation, but by comprehension, withdrawal of the senses (pratyahara), and serene attention. Introspection is analytical meditation predicated upon the use of insight, vipashyana, and conscious perception, the ability to see with the Essence into the inherent nature of a given problem or object of concentration.

Joyful in hope, suffering in tribulation, be thou constant in thy prayer.

Benedictis, qui venit in nomine Domini. Osanna in excelsis.

"Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest!"

1 year ago
Thanks and a happy new to all.
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