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  Tuesday, 28 January 2020
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Do you guys think that video are a bad influence as a whole? I know that Samael sun weir recommends staying away from cinemas and even television because of the nocturnal pollution phenomena. Can anyone elaborate deeper on this subject?
3 years ago
Incredible and it is true that everyone is been brought up in a society where murder, anger and hatred are seen as something normal when it is definitely unacceptable. I personally have practiced martial arts for the health of my body but One thing I am sure of is that combat is always the last resort or avoid it completely all together.
3 years ago
What about some video games that you actually must be creative and to think?
I know some that you can learn orbital mechanics (and physics, astrophysics), a bit of programming and etc.
If you let say play some games that do not involve killing (of virtual characters and other people via multiplayer) or participate in competitive games and etc. this could actually be beneficial?
Would it not be absurd to say that every video game and etc. is bad?
For me at least, suffering from serious mental afflictions, video games can have positive impact. You would ask how? Well ever suffered so much that you can't even get up from bed, don't want to live, can't force yourself to do anything? Of course most of us would not understand this (how can it be so that you can't even force yourself to take shower or get up from bed). But for me the only thing that was left that would interest me and help to force myself to get from bed is to play some complicated video game (not talking about shooters and etc.). It would feel like a positive thing that you at least managed to get yourself from bed to play some "stupid" video game or at least turn on PC for that matter (even if you later on just stare at mindless youtube videos or just a screen).
So the question is it really that bad? For me, regarding my own circumstances, I don't know what would I even do during the day if I would not have the ability to play some games. I would probably watch at ceiling laying on a bed whole day.
I know this could be interpreted as an addiction.
But is it really? I could live without it if I had anything else interesting to do. I live in a distant place, alone, having minimum contact with people and I can't change that in my life for now. That is how my Being put together my live circumstances (living alone, in a distant place, being at home all the time, as a hermit - for some reason that I do not know yet). And you simply can't meditate whole day as you would just "burn out".
Since childhood I am used to video games and this is the main reason I learned English (better than school would teach as my one of my teachers in later grades would even make me like a "substitute" teacher to help instruct other students on English language). Also not to mention my artistic (3D modeling), some scripting and IT interest and skills came from video games (from just modding them and deepening my interest in all those things afterwards). This is the main reason I learned most of what I know now. And as I mentioned I learned a lot about astrophysics, physics and even started to take interest in math (I was very bad at math since childhood and never had interest in that, also physics too). And now I can take broken electronics and fix them. I know a bit around of soldering electronic components and etc (even creating some simple electronics from scratch using PCB designs) or explain how cosmic bodies orbit one another and etc.
So basically take away from me computer, take away from me video games and there is nothing left for me to interest (a strong leverage in fighting my illness). I would succumb to my condition and eventually probably live rest of my live in asylum or kill myself.
For some time I am trying to incorporate positive aspects of modern technology, games and etc. into my life combining them with Gnosis.
Is it a time waste? Probably more than 50% of the time it is. So is most of the things people do in their lives (Gnosis students are no exception).
Should our point of view become more adaptive, more revolutionary than conservative in that manner? Is it not what Samael Aun Weor teaches us?
The same goes for VR and augmented technology. Once I worked on a project (in one company) that would involve physical rehab for people using VR and augmented technology (to aid re-learn walking and etc.), which unfortunately was mismanaged and shut down (this is common in my country, people start things and never finish them or jump from one project to another).
I could go on and on.
But maybe some instructor can give deeper insight on this?
I think this is a topic which is worth exploring from the Gnosis point of view too, because as time progresses there will be more and more complex technology, more and more virtual/simulated realities and etc. We can't run away from it. And the "end" time for this civilization just started as the era of Aquarius. It won't end in like 20 years.
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