Tuesday, 03 January 2012
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<p>The Gnostic tradition of Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor and the services provided by Glorian Publishing have given my life a light that I can't be thankful enough for.</p>
<p>These teachings of gnosis tenderly speak to your deepest soul.  They are a nourishment that has no comparison.</p>
<p>Even though I am just a lowly aspirant who has stepped only one timid foot into the antechamber of the path, the peace that one foot has given me is the treasure of my life!  There is no exaggeration possible here.</p>
<p>The spiritual work is the greatest and most fulfilling thing one can undertake in their life.</p>
<p>The more that you study, apply, and understand these teachings, the more joy, stability, love, beauty, life, compassion, strength, and peace will flood your life.  Even a drop of this water is enough to begin the quenching of all thirst and of all pain.</p>
<p>Investigate these teachings!  Study them with an open heart and an open mind!  Practice them with an open heart and an open mind!  Gnosis is a living thing, and you will not come to know this living thing if study is not paired with practice.  This I know and must continue to remind myself.  Don't be a miser, plant this tree and it will naturally bear fruit for you and all of mankind to benefit from.</p>
<p>Gnosis is revolutionary!  Be patient and you will naturally grow.  A jug is filled drop by drop!</p>
<p>Many blessings!</p>
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