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Do we get guidance from the divine in small ways as well as profound?
Sometimes I will suddenly remember something that has to be done around the house at the right time so it is helpful in a small way. Such as I had wanted to remember to put soap by the sink downstairs but there is a lot to do so I forget this often Though one day when I was feeling very clear and focused I suddenly got the thought to get the soap out when I was upstairs to put by the downstairs sink. I felt that I was given a reminder as a help. Can this happen in small ways as well? I don't think that it is listening to a "false god" to remember something like that. I know its not completely important but it was helpful to me and why not think in a sunnier way? I am only confused bc of reading the article saying we listen to false gods moment to moment. That statement in the article was undermining to me.
3 years ago
"To learn how to act properly, to learn how to perform right action, requires that we learn to rely on the Being, on our own God, on our spirit. And he communicates to us through intuition. Little hints, little nudges, what we would call a hunch, or a feeling, a sense of what is right. Unfortunately when we receive those hunches, those nudges, we tend to immediately fall back into our psychological disequilibrium. The intellectual person will begin to reason, to compare that intuition. To say, "Well, I kind of feel like I should do this, but there are all these things against it. Now these things are for it, but all these other things are against it" so they become confused. The emotional person will react from feelings, "Oh I'm scared to do that. It doesn't feel right. What will happen?” Fear, worry, anxiety. The instinctive person will react based on the circumstances. Not even realizing what they are doing, and then later they will think, "Oh, you know, I knew better. I knew I should not have done it. But I did it anyway."

To rely on intuition requires that we learn how to work with the consciousness, how to observe ourselves, how to remember ourselves, and really the balance, the practice, the experience of self-observation and self-remembering develops when we understand the three brains. When we can separate ourselves from our three brains. When we can equilibrate them. In other words, from moment to moment we observe the three brains. We watch them. So as you have experiences from moment to moment you always maintain awareness. What are these impressions that are arriving producing in me as thoughts? What feelings are arising? What impulses are arising? And then we consciously watch and wait. The goal is to not simply react to the occurrences of life. It is instead to comprehend them, and upon the basis of comprehension to then act in the right way."

"If thou canst not make thine own self what thou desireth, how shalt thou be able to fashion another to thine own liking. We are ready to see others made perfect, and yet we do not amend our own shortcomings."
—Thomas à Kempis

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