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  Monday, 30 September 2019
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I have a friend that is studying intellectual Kabbalah. When I try to share links to Gnosis and the study of intuitive Kabbalah they only glance enough to see the Tree of Life in the teachings and therefore think it is the same. So is there a word for the meaning of sexual transmutation in Judisam that they can look up and maybe begin to see the teachings of the Tree of The Knowledge of good and evil?
3 years ago
The two serpents, Od and Ob, Ida and Pingala, Astral Brain Fluids and Astral Genital Fluids.

“A great fish coming from the left swims through all these waterways to poison and corrupt them. Its scales are as steel. From its mouth comes forth a lurid flame and its tongue is like a sharp sword. Its object is to force its way into the sanctuary of the great ocean to pollute and defile it and thus extinguish light, and causing the waters to become frozen, and the great circulatory water systems may cease to operate.” The occult meaning of this mystery is expressed in the words of scripture:

'Now the serpent was thievish than any beast of the field which Iod-Havah Elohim had made.”- Genesis 3:1

This left serpent (Astral Genital Fluids) wished (through fornication) to accomplish his aim by first corrupting the brooklets below (in Yesod) and making them impure and bitter, so that flowing back to the great ocean their fountain head (Astral Brain Fluids), it might become polluted. This is why (the left serpent, through the genitalia) first seduced Adam (the Brain) and brought death into the world and entered into (Tiphereth) the (human soul or) heart of Adam from (Yesod, through) the left side. There is, however, another serpent that comes from the right.

These two serpents are they that are closely attached to Adam (the Brain) during his lifetime (Astral Brain Fluids and Astral Genital Fluids ), as scripture saith:

“of all the (חית Chaioth) beasts (plural for חי Chai, life below) of (שדה Shaddah) the field (or Yesod) which Iod-Havah Elohim had made (as שדי אל חי Shaddai El Chai).” these two are the most thievish, crafty and subtle in tempting and destroying Adam (the Brain).

Woe unto him who allows himself to be led on and seduced by these serpents (in Yesod), for death irretrievable is his doom, physically, morally and spiritually, both to himself and to those associated with him/her, as in the case of Adam (the Brain) who wished to know and become expert in (Daath - knowledge) nature's secrets and occult science. In revealing them and exciting within him a fictitious joy and happiness, the (fornicator) serpent acquired that influence and control over Adam (the Brain) that contributed to and brought his ruin and downfall and thus caused him (the Brain) to suffer, as also (in all of) his successors (the fornicators)......

"Hear what saith scripture when Adam and Eve (through the orgasm) ate of the fruit of the tree by which death entered into their souls (Nephesh) or lower nature (in Yesod), 'And when they heard the voice of the Lord of the Elohim walking in the garden' (Genesis 3: 8), or, as it ought to be rendered, had walked (מתהלך mithhalech). Note further that whilst Adam (human soul) had not fallen, he was a recipient (in Tiphereth, the heart) of divine wisdom (Chokmah-Christ) and heavenly light and derived his continuous existence from the Tree of Life to which he (as human soul) had free access, but as soon as he (the Brain) allowed himself to be seduced and deluded with the (bestial) desire of occult knowledge, (because of fornication) he lost everything, heavenly light and life through the disjunction of (Astral Brain Fluids and Astral Genital Fluids) his higher and lower self, and, the loss of that harmony that should always exist between them (Brain and sex), in short, he then first knew what (fornication or) evil was and what it entailed, and, therefore, it is written, 'Thou art not a God that approves wickedness, neither shall evil (fornication) dwell with thee' (Isaiah 5: 5); or, in other words, he who implicitly and blindly follows the dictates of his lower nature (in Yesod) or Ego (of Lust) shall not come near the Tree of Life.

'Now the serpent was thievish.” - Genesis 3:1

In the moment that Adam and Eve became thus associated, the lower nature (Yesod) became excited and aroused by sexual desire (orgasm) in which it delights, as scripture saith:

“And when the woman (the genitalia) saw that the tree was good for food she took of the fruit of it and did eat.” - Genesis 3:6, denoting that hitherto their love had been angelic and pure, but was now (through the orgasm) changed into carnal desire first arising in the woman (Eve, the genitalia) and leading them to conjugal relationship, for a woman is the inspirer of love whilst man (Adam, the Brain) is the receptacle of it and in this resembles angelic beings whose actions are determined by pure love unblended and unmingled with carnal desire."

Said Rabbi Eleazar: "How can this be, will the lower nature (Yesod) with its passions and emotion remain attached to the female on high (in Daath)?"

RABBI SIMEON answered and said: "The lower or passionate nature (in Yesod) is always striving to imitate the actions of the higher (in Daath), with this difference, that what is spiritual and pure it changes into the carnal and impure.

The higher nature takes its origin from the right side of the sephirotic tree of life, but the lower from the left side, and is embodied in the female (the genitalia) and becomes unified in it, as it is written, 'His left hand is under my head and his right hand doth embrace me' (Song of Solomon. 2: 6). Hitherto we have discoursed on a subject, exceedingly esoteric and unknown to ordinary minds, but now we will speak more clearly so that every one may comprehend and understand them." On hearing this the student novitiates expressed their great desire to learn more of this mystery of sex. - ZOHAR

Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah,
the Root of David, has prevailed to open the book,
and to loose the seven seals thereof. - Revelation 5: 5

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