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Hello friends,

My mother was diagnosed with heart arrhythmia couple of months ago. Besides modifications to her eating habits and life stile i suggested that she starts practicing pranayama as i know how coming and energy charging pranayama is. Fortunately she agreed.
I taught her how to perform the ham-sah pranayama, but i think this a bit confusing for her or for someone who never practiced in the past. Usually default level of concentration is weak and pranayama benefits are proportional to concentration and visualization of the energy rising to head and heart, so i thought she should start with something as simple as possible.

So my question is, is there a simpler type of pranayama for a beginner which involves deep breathing? What would you recommend?

Thank you ,

3 years ago
"Single people must transmute the seminal liquor with deep breathing, keeping the lungs full thirty seconds or more. This svara [breathing] exercise must be performed daily." —Samael Aun Weor, The Mysteries of Life and Death

"Do not worry; cultivate the habit of being happy." - Samael Aun Weor

3 years ago
I didn t noticed that this option was mentioned in the FAQ, i m sorry.

Anyway: deep,breathing---->holding for a long as possible---->relaxed exhaling

Thank you Alexis.
3 years ago
Dear matej

I am just a fool, and I am in no right to answer the instructors questions. But I have suffered in the past with arrhythmias, and in my own experience I would be careful and gentle with breath retention, especially Ham-sah, as I have found that if you over do it, it can build pressure within the heart/chest and can often bring on arrhythmias. Although they are not life threatening, I do understand they are uncomfortable. Over time though, gentle pranayama will benefit and nourish her heart. Lastly with my own experience I came to understand that when I would shift my centre of gravity/attention in to my heart and maintain it there, the frequency of arrhythmias would stop until I would get pulled out of the heart due to the mind. I saw this as a sign from my innermost knocking on my heart reminding me to stay heart centred. I hope this helps even in the slightest.
3 years ago

I appreciate your advice very much. I will relay this information to her. I did emphasize to her many times and still do, that the key here is
to do it comfortably, gently, with zero strain or stiffness and that if the retention is comfortable just for a second, than that is ok. I also explained, she should first relax her body completely, before she starts with pranayama. Interestingly, she enjoys it the most if she is practicing while lying in bed and the evening session helps with her sleep (she had problems with sleeping). We started just with deep breathing, which she found pleasant and i ve learned that it is best if she sticks with it. I didn t realize that this was a form of pranayama by itself.

Thank you friend!
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