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  Tuesday, 10 September 2019
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In meditation, I was listening to my mind as it provided me astral Gnostic lectures; they sounded astonishingly vivid with microphone plosives, room tone, and everything...

At any rate, apparently my mind claims that the instructor with the thick accent has four daughters... And Alexis, I listened to a long and deep astral lecture from you and at some point, you mentioned that you were 43 (about 5 months ago)...

Curious if this is true akashic record information?
4 years ago
No, those are not physical facts.

Ahah... btw sorry for quoting you so often these days. I finally found the times and lectures where you spoke of mahamudra meditation and I re-affirmed that one can meditate on everything, all inclusively.
4 years ago
No, those are not physical facts.

"Do not worry; cultivate the habit of being happy." - Samael Aun Weor

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