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Are there any places in the texts of Master Samael Aun Weor where he refers to telekinesis? He states by appealing to the Divine Mother that our latent powers we desire can be received. I am also curious to any remarks regarding the faculty of this power and the 4th dimension, if there are any to be found. Thank you and happy sharing gnosis
10 years ago
He does not mention it by that name. However, this is related:

Each elemental of Nature represents certain powers of the blessed Goddess Mother of the world. Thus, whosoever knows how to handle the powers of Nature which are enclosed within each herb, within each root and each tree, is the only one who can be a true magician and doctor.

Thought is a great force, yet everything is dual in creation. Thus, if we want to make perceptible any occult intention, a physical instrument which serves as the clothing for that idea is necessary. This instrument is the plant which corresponds to our intention. Only the one who knows the secret of commanding the elementals of plants can be a magician.

The use of animal magnetism, the transmission of life (mumia), the transplantation of sicknesses and other analogous things which were wisely described by Paracelsus, Cornelius, Agrippa, are only possible for the Gnostic doctor who knows how to handle the elemental creatures of the plants.

The transmission of thought becomes easy when one operates through the elementals of plants. As we have already stated, everything in Nature is dual.

Those very well known systems of Marden, Atkinson, Mesmer, Paul Jagot, and the pseudo-spiritualist schools will never teach the human being the wise use of the force of thought, because force and forces are something very joined in creation.

"Do not worry; cultivate the habit of being happy." - Samael Aun Weor

9 years ago
Thank you I think I see the connection, if not I can find it. Your answers are always the most comforting I can receive. Thelema! No one can resist our power.
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