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I was wondering to what extent do we keep our practices secret? Is there any need of telling our wives of the teachings we have come across? What of our brothers and sisters/friends who have never come across these teachings? What of people who we see suffering with depression, stress and other such things who may benefit from 'gnosis.' and a viewpoint that may help them in their life? I am cautious of disclosing such information to people who might find it nonsensical or 'cultist.' and am more than willing to try in some cases regardless. I just question whether I should bother giving them this information and why I shouldn't just keep it all to myself (which I do most of the time)
3 years ago
You will know whether or not to share, and how much to share, when you are conscious of your intuition, that inner “nudge” from your conscience that guides you to do what is right.

One important area for meditation regarding our desire to share (or hide) these teachings is pride. When we feel worried about the potential criticism from others, we may not speak the truth when it is our duty to do so. Our pride prevents us from doing what is right. Conversely, when we want others to admire us for this knowledge or to agree with our opinions, our pride may force the knowledge on those who do not want it or are not ready for it. Thus, the ego compels us to wrong action.

It takes tremendous psychological balance to know when to act and when to keep silent, and our heart should be centered on the selfless benefit of others. Meditate on the consequences of your actions, both the potential harm and the potential good, and work to eliminate any ego that prevents you from performing the will of your inner divinity.

We must always remember that these teachings are not our property, and that we have received them out of great mercy. It may be the case that at moments we become the vehicle of such knowledge, but we cannot claim credit for it nor be attached to the results of our action. Whether the knowledge is accepted or rejected by others, we must follow our conscience and do what is right, which may vary case by case.

"If thou canst not make thine own self what thou desireth, how shalt thou be able to fashion another to thine own liking. We are ready to see others made perfect, and yet we do not amend our own shortcomings."
—Thomas à Kempis

3 years ago
Thank you for your help
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