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From my experience with dreams, I have been able to experience the astral equivalent of every physical sensation I'm familiar with; e.g. touching soft and silky smooth hair, feeling cold water on body, eating delicious food, seeing with clarity, hearing music, smelling familiar scents, etc.

However, physical pain seems to be a bit unclear. It was only just last night when I tested out for the first time the sensation of pain in a dream; I brought my hand close to a Penguin and it pecked at my fingers hard and there was a very sharp and startling pinch that felt realistic and painful. In previous dream experiences that would normally induce pain in the physical world, I would feel vague, abstract, mild and uncertain forms of pain... Well, If I can experience virtually every other sensation I have in the 3rd and 4th dimension then I don't see why pain would be left out in the astral world...

My best bet is that we sense best in our dreams whatever sensations we are most familiar with and have memorize well. These senses have a lot of "astral momentum" as one theosophist put it, just like the momentum that creates our astral body and makes it feel and appear realistic.
3 years ago
Sensations occur wherever there is perception.

Obviously there is pain the internal worlds. Consider the existence of hell, for instance.

"Do not worry; cultivate the habit of being happy." - Samael Aun Weor

3 years ago
Sensations occur wherever there is perception.

Obviously there is pain the internal worlds. Consider the existence of hell, for instance.

Very interesting. Considering there are no physical nerves in these upper and lower dimensions, the mechanics behind sensation must be quite otherworldly, literally... I was going to bring up the inferior realms too since I know they are non-physical.
3 years ago
Yes, other dimensions are non-physical, yet you still experience them with a body. For instance, what you experience as dreaming is how you are using your astral body:

Some people would see the fact that the Astral body can eat and drink as something impossible, because their unsound mysticism is always telling them that the Astral body is something vague, a vaporous fluid, an intangible and non-material body. Considering they are only theorists, it does not occur to them to verify it.

Let such ladies and gentlemen study Vivekananda’s books in order for them to be informed that the internal bodies (Astral body, etc.) are also material.

This is why we, the Gnostics , say that nothing can exist, not even God, without the help of matter.

So, the Astral body is material, and it is a dense organism like the physical body. The fact that matter, in its last synthesis, is reduced to energy, does not deny its existence once in that state. If we cannot see it with our sense of sight, it is because it belongs to the fifth dimension. Our physical eyes will not serve for seeing the Astral plane until we make them suitable for this purpose or until we place ourselves into the Astral plane with our physical body. Thus, the Astral organism is as dense as the physical organism, yet it belongs to another department of the kingdom.

The Astral body is much more sensitive than the physical body. The Astral organism is like a duplicate of the physical organism. As the physical body has to be nourished with food related to its nature, so does the Astral body.

The occultist utilizes the Astral body for his studies and for his great investigations, because that body is advantageously arranged over the physical body. Time and distance do not exist for the Astral body, and what one learns through it remains immediately recorded within the Consciousness of the Being, forever.

"Do not worry; cultivate the habit of being happy." - Samael Aun Weor

3 years ago
Reading gave goosebumps
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