Thursday, 26 July 2012
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I have been doing something that I guess I should not have done. I have been keeping my penis restrained in a downward position and keeping form spilling the semen. In doing this- I have discovered that I have caused myself to have a very crooked erection and it has me quite worried. straightening it out I'm sure- I just don't' know what to do. A Doctor will HAVE TO come into play now I'm afraid. I also I just don't' know what to do. I must have- I think I broke something as well. what do I do?

would also like to add that we have discovered the penis is capable of straightening up if it is put the other direction and held that way. It's still not as straight as it used to be but better. It's hard to maintain any sort of control when trying to make sure it's going to be alright. I found it quite difficult. What could be done?
10 years ago
I know some of these posts can get personal. I've been apparently reversing the problem by doing the opposite of what I did. Since it is cartilage in there; I can see where it will be easy to get it to go back to the way it should be. However; I've learned my lesson there. Are erections alright or is there more of a chance of spilling when they happen during the night? Meditation is the best answer there I'm sure. As I said- lesson learned. We're obviously very healthy or they wouldn't be threatening to happen every night.
10 years ago
We're serious about all of these things. Will be keeping a close eye on such situations from now on. We understand that the instructors are busy. Has any situation like this ever been heard of before? A slight sprain (doesn't feel serious no swelling and no pain except a little tenderness) might force a Doctor's visit whether it's really wanted or not as doctors are nothing by pharmaceutical industry pill pushers in these modern times. However; questions about the prostate gland have to come up here since the subject has been opened. Does a person who practices transmutation ever develop prostate trouble or does the transmutation; which I assume on a physical level speeds up healing and regeneration? (Have experienced healing much faster than we would assume otherwise before). Beginners need to know these things. We know the main causes of cancer which are the processed food, microwave ovens, toxins in the environment and water, negative thinking, high acidity in a person's PH, etc are what causes cancer and not what the mainstream media says. We're not expressing concern over that really as we know the causes and the remedies for cancer. The concern is merely how the prostate gland will behave. As far as the sprained phallic is concerned; pranayama is still more than possible and we practiced it this morning without any problem. There is very little tenderness; but, there is some, and there is no swelling or discoloration whatsoever. We're sure an instructor would recommend going to a physician as far as that is concerned. Still an analogy, input, advice, etc would be greatly appreciated nonetheless. We learned that keeping the phallic restrained downward is not a good idea at all as it will cause a problem and really doesn't aid that much in preventing nocturnal emissions when they begin to occur anyway. Has this ever happened before to a devotee or was it merely a freakish accident? As previously stated- input and advice are greatly appreciated.
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