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Is it possible for a being to physically exist on this Earth possessing only the physical, vital, astral and mental bodies? (ie no connection with an Innermost whatsoever.)

If this is even possible, what would happen to such a being after physical death?
4 years ago
What is worse regarding this Bodhisattva is that he dedicated himself to black magic. The outcome of all this conduct was that the master withdrew his will-soul, human soul, the fifth principle of the human being, the Causal body or Superior Manas of Theosophy.
Thereafter, only the inferior quaternary formed by the physical, Ethereal, Astral, and Mental vehicles was left living in China. Such an inferior quaternary is, in fact, a soulless entity, a Kabbalistic cortex... an empty shell ["klipah"] where the Soul no longer lives, where the immortal principle of every human being no longer inhabits! These Kabbalistic cortexes are abodes of the psychological I (Satan). Indeed... these are demons!

Therefore, that man transformed himself into a demon!

"Do not worry; cultivate the habit of being happy." - Samael Aun Weor

I have since read The Divine Science. Did Andrameleck realize when his Innermost withdrew? How could someone in that situation coexist among among other people? (Assuming he did not live in complete solitude.) Are we so asleep that we would not sense anything wrong being around such a being?

And just to clarify: Andrameleck's situation is different.. infinitely worse..than the average person who is not in "communication" with their Innermost due to ego and not being awake.. is that correct?
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