Friday, 23 December 2011
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<p>As I am sure most people here would attest to, there is so much one could say about one's path. To here, and since. It is Christmastime, so I shall take a lesson from three wise men and give testimony of my journey through the dessert and darkness with only a pinhole of Light in the night sky beckoning me to the newborn waiting in the manger; the Bread of Life.</p>
<p>For me, the path which led here was a winding one with many mountains, pitfalls, dead-ends, misleading sign-posts, derelict bridges, and even bandits and wild beasts along the way. What did my heart long for more than anything? A direction. A signpost which affirmed the oh-so-quiet yet relentless push/pull in my heart. A breadcrumb along the path that might show me the way forward in my darkest hours.</p>
<p> offered me that first breadcrumb. A podcast, it was a ten-course gourmet meal for someone who had been starving on fast-food philosophy and raw religiosity all his life...faced either with garbage devoid of any real spiritual nutrition or gnawing endlessly on arcane texts, never able to extract the essential nutrients locked deep within (but also <em>knowing</em> that the "processed" interpretations of these texts were sorely lacking by virtue of their total inability to satisfy the hunger within).</p>
<p>Then came that most magnificent of morsels, printed on the cover of the first book I unwrapped from Glorian Publishing written by V.M. Samael Aun Weor: "I am just a <em>signpost</em>...find your own path to self-realization." Here was exactly what my heart had been longing for: a signpost affirming the inner push/pull within my heart.</p>
<p>My life has changed completely since. Each and every day presents another breadcrumb leading me ever closer to home: be it a chapter by the Master Samael, a podcast by one of the Gnostic Instructors, or one of an endless series of tests and life lessons from my Inner Guru. Each is a meal unto itself.</p>
<p>Despite having been raised Roman Catholic, only now do I comprehend these words from The Lord's Prayer: "Give us this day our daily bread."</p>
<p>I cannot say that I have changed completely...still working on it! Like so many others, I am just a neophyte practitioner of this most challenging work. Difficult; even painful at times, but fulfilling as nothing else can be...</p>
<p>Gnosis fulfills the inner longing, inner knowing which drove me relentlessly for over three decades down every conceivable path of spiritual seeking: that spirituality is not a matter of "belief" but a matter of "Faith" in its original know reality as it is through direct experience and give authentic testimony thereof.</p>
<p>As children who only make believe in bread, so too this suffering humanity plays with its very survival and heeds not the calls of the Divine Mother to come and eat of the Bread of Life. We must be as wise men who eat of that Bread, each and every day. I guarantee it will transform your life, as it has transformed mine and so many others.</p>
<p>Eternal thanks to the V.M. Samael Aun Weor, the Masters of the Great White Lodge, and everyone at and Glorian Publishing for their tireless efforts for the sake of this suffering humanity. Thanks for the opportunity to begin the work toward acquiring True Faith, and this chance to give Faith to others. I pray all those wandering hungry may find a breadcrumb in these words, listen to their own Inner Guru, and take of the Bread of Life each and every day from this day forward, on their own path to self-realization.</p>

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