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I have personally experienced momentary paralyzation three times throughout my lifetime caused by other entities. We were hoping that someone here could shed some light on who or what could cause this, and why & how they do it.

My first experience happened while visiting my father one evening. That night, my father had dosed off in his bedroom, so I was left alone sitting in a chair facing the front window of the small apartment. All of the sudden, I saw three shadowy figures standing right outside of the window, which was less than ten feet away from where I was sitting. I was very alarmed by the situation, thinking that they were robbers. When I tried to stand up and alert my father, I found that I was completely paralyzed. I tried using all of my will to rise but I could not move or speak. I was able to think but something else had taken my mobility away. Then after about 20 seconds, I was released. I sprung up like lightning, shouting to my father to wake. We searched outside around the house but found no one.

My second experience happened a few years later. I was laying down in my mini-van, preparing to go to sleep. Laying on my back, I looked out the side-door window. Once again, I see three beings. This time though, I actually saw their faces...they appeared to have dark skin, all having long dreadlocks. Anyway, I was paralyzed like the same time before, for about 20 seconds. As soon as they left, I was released. What is unique about this case, is that my friend, whose apartment I was parked in front of that night, had a very similar experience that same week. She shared with me her story without ever having knowledge of mine. I was very surprised and somewhat relieved to know that I was not alone.

The third experience was the most profound. Coincidentally, I was staying with my father overnight again. This night proved to be very amazing and also very frightening. I was sleeping in a room that I had never been in before. Then I awoke for some reason and sat up in bed. When I turned around to adjust my pillow, I saw there was someone sleeping in my bed. My heart skipped a beat and then I saw who that person was me! This was my first time that I can remember ever having an outer body experience. It just kind of happened and there I was, just looking at my body sound asleep. I did not know what to do...thinking, "should this be happening"? I just laid back down into my body and went back to sleep. Then I had the most amazing dream. In the dream, it was night time and I was at some kind of party or what seemed to be a friendly celebration of some kind. I became fixed on a woman who was in her forties. She seemed to be very sad, so I went over to comfort her. I asked her what was troubling her and then she suddenly jumped on my back and straddled me very firmly with great power. To me she seemed to be some kind of succubus and was trying to drain my life-force. I Instinctively went into some kind of Native American chant to ward off her presence. As the chant progressed, I began singing it louder and louder with all of my might until I became one with the chant...I became the energy that this chant summoned...I went to a place where only the chant remained and nothing could do me harm. I awoke from my dream but was still possessed by the chant. I couldn't stop what I had started. I was yelling the chant at the top of my lungs like a primal war cry, rhythmically pulsating into the manifest. Eventually, it wore off and the tidal wave of energy became a ripple. I sat in bed catching my breath. Then I was met, once again, by the "paralyzing force". Everything was somewhat visible in the room because of a window beside my bed that allowed the moonlight in. I looked at the foot of my bed and saw a man that resembled my father. He was wearing a baseball cap that shadowed his eyes, so I could only see his features from the nose down. I apologized to him, thinking that I had awoken him with my very loud dream. The man who I thought was my father did not answer; he just stared at me. I then repeated my apology searching for a response. Still, this person just stared at me. I went to go turn on the lights but found myself paralyzed. It just observed me without speaking or showing any kind of expression. As soon as it released me, I threw my covers in it's direction and fumbled to find the light, cutting my right arm in the process. When I turned the light on, no one was there.

For some reason (or reasons) I feel that my father is some how connected to all of this. Could these experiences be some kind of paranormal, demonic/angelic, or even, extraterrestrial activity? Hopefully, someone here can give me some insight.

Thanks for reading my story.
11 years ago
To understand the nature of what you experienced and how it may relate to something in your life, you need to meditate.

It sounds like you underwent some form of an internal attack, therefore we highly recommend you memorize the Conjurations of the Four, Seven, and the Invocation of Solomon so that you can use them in moments of need.

Only impersonal life and the Being can give us the legitimate happiness of the Great Life free in its motion. -Samael Aun Weor

11 years ago
Thank you...I will do so.
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