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  Tuesday, 25 July 2017
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Hey instructors,
Say, if one sleeps for 6 hours on a certain day and whilst he is physically asleep he is in the astral world for the whole duration of his sleep, I'm aware time is an illusion of some sort, so does this mean the physical 6 hours you spent in the astral world could feel like you spent a day or more travelling there but in our physical reality was still 6 hours?
I hope this question is clear enough, if anyone here has watched the forbidden kingdom (jackie chan, jet lee) you would have a clearer picture of what I mean.
5 years ago
Also, do two people have to be asleep at the same time to meet each other in the Astral? Or is it irrelevant, since we are beyond time in the Astral?
5 years ago
"Time" is relative. Study Einstein. Read these links.

As for meeting in the astral world, the two would have to be awake.
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