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  Saturday, 29 April 2017
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Since times have changed so much over the last twenty years, and most communication is conducted online and because of the existence of very beneficial websites like GT, is it necessary to be attending a physical school or center to receive certain instruction, for instance third chamber teachings?
6 years ago
Considering how many people are in the world compared with how few Second Chamber schools, it would be shockingly cruel if divinity required school membership! Moreover, there would be no room. :)

Attending a school — especially for participation in those chambers — is wonderful and beneficial, yet for many people it simply is not possible. Furthermore, divinity does not "require" it. Divinity requires the three factors be in activity every day, and there is nothing in the three factors about belonging to a group.

  • Death of our defects, vices, errors
  • Birth of virtue and the soul
  • Sacrifice for others

Finally, it is possible to attend Second and Third Chamber internally, but obviously you will need to develop some skills.

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