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I am struggling with keeping my calmness and awareness at work. I have just started a new job and get overwhelmed by impressions that stirrs my mind and I become stressed and scattered. Afterwards I feel terrible - my mind and heart beat me up and show me all my mistakes. (Btw. is this sound?)The only thing that helps is doing a meditation (if not several) when I get home. But then the next day it all repeats it self. I have started to get up extra early so I can to do a meditation even before I get to work.

I get overwhelmed in certain situations when things are not going smoothly which makes me feel stressed and insecure. I get completely blocked and make mistakes. Then afterwards my heart and mind give me a hard time about it.

I have seen there's much fear and pride behind the stress - fear of not being good enough, not being liked by others, of having caused harm to others and feeling of constantly failing.

I have learned that my thoughts and feelings lie a lot. But they torture me with their agendas and interpetations of the day.

I am happy for any piece of advise.
5 years ago
Relax. Be at peace. Meditate, especially in the mornings before dawn, so that you can more deeply comprehend the egos that are manipulating you.
Establish prayer at the decline of the sun [from its meridian] until the darkness of the night and [also] the Qur'an of dawn. Indeed, the recitation [mantralization] of dawn is ever witnessed.

And from [part of] the night, pray with it as additional [worship] for you; it is expected that your Lord will resurrect you to a praised station. -Al-Isra, "The Night Journey": 17:78-79
Such a praised station is a heightened level of being, a serene mind and heart of equanimity.

Make sure you get good and regular exercise. Engage with creative activities like painting, drawing, sculpture, composition of music or poetry, or playing games like chess to relax the mind.

Also, check your diet. Too many stimulating foods or drinks can agitate the mind as well.

For thirty years I sought God. But when I looked carefully I found that in reality God was the seeker and I the sought. -Bayazid al-Bastami

5 years ago
Thank you Almustafa for taking your time to reply and for your advise. Appreciate it. :)
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