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  Tuesday, 18 October 2016
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Hello Respectable Instructors.

We Know All that 9th dante circle is most seriuos.
I must know i am there right know.
1.What is indications of 9th circle?
2.I Perceive Fire with my conciuosness inside my organs.
3. i Experiencing brain angainst sex / sex against brain principle.
4. Its Enough , What Else ? Superior Mind Born only in 9th circle ?

Thank You Very Much.
6 years ago
It is one thing to fall, devolving in the ninth sphere, and it is another thing to descend.

To descend is to go consciously, especially within the sexual act, so as to eliminate certain egos of the abyss.

To fall is to be a resident of the ninth sphere in Klipoth, a failure...

Nous, noetic thought, is developed through sexual magic and meditation.

For thirty years I sought God. But when I looked carefully I found that in reality God was the seeker and I the sought. -Bayazid al-Bastami

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