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Hello Dear Instructros.

I have some issues related with sexuality, liucifer fire etc. etc.. i will try to tell in detail and wait with faith for your response.

1 Being alone student i was working with lucifer fire transmuting desire to spiritual energy, aquiring more objective reasoning, more understanding, more deeply conquering liucifer. Sometimes, when higher tempation arises, with lot of willpower, understanding, imigination, comprehensioni i was able to sense my inner spirit. sense-desire transmute to sense-spirit.

3. I Was using energy to understand functionism of ego.

2 But something mightily changes after one succesful temptation and internal meditation ( OM mantra ). (Lot Of Light has been absorbed) and after i while i started to feel my sexual organs very sensitivily,i was walking in street and with all my love and might i shouted internaly God Enlight Me, and i seen Golden Lighting internaly. i understood that spirit conquered my matter, even if i never practiced sexual magic. Its correct stated that my soul was fussed with my innermost ?
Because i started consciously receive lot of knowledge, lot of understanding, lot of burning ocean if you know what i mean.
Ego become very easily to comprohend, all theories was transcendent, light, love, strenght filled my being, with moment to moment.
I Become Fire. Fire and was burning inside me. When i Absorbed Light, Very Vivid Perception of Spirit happened. But my body can hold this for long.
Because this fire was unstoppable. Also i remembered my past live.
I Become Turyia immediatly. Ardent Conciuosness. Of course i cant hold this forever, so i beg spirit to leave me, and it happend.
But after this something changed, i started to feel burning liucifer fire inside my sexual organs sometimes, dependetly on situations.
Also i feel internaly burning fire in my feets. Like I walking on fire. Also lot of understanding, love, more objective perception.

1. What you can say about this, what really changed ? do i aquired other degree of objective reasoning
or i penetrated deeper in dantes inferno ? or my inner spirit, atman, being just enlighted me soul ?
What Golden Lighting mean ? What Internalt senstitivy in sexual organs and lucifer fire inside sexual organs means ?
7 years ago
The soul is fused with their Innermost only through rising through the gradual stages of internal initiation, which take years, and which can only be accomplished through sexual magic with a spouse. Nevertheless, even when one transmutes as a single, one can have experiences of many types, sometimes when the Innermost wants to encourage the soul. Yet there are other times when experiences are produced by the ego. Since the consciousness is trapped in the ego, that trapped consciousness can also awaken and produce "experiences." This is how many students become entranced, fascinated, and diverted from the path.

Interpreting experiences is a delicate art. Since we are so deeply corrupted by desire, it is necessary to view experiences with an indifferent objectivity in order to maintain serenity and non-attachment. Whatever you experienced, it is necessary for you to meditate profoundly in order to comprehend it.

Interpretation must be tremendously analytical, highly scientific, and essentially mystical. It is necessary to learn how to see and how to interpret in the absence of the loose cathexis, that is, the ego, the “myself.”

It is necessary to learn how to interpret the symbols of the great nature and those of the bound cathexis in the absolute absence of the “I.” Nonetheless, self-criticism must be multiplied because when the “I” of the Gnostic believes that he knows a lot he then feels himself to be infallible, omniscient, and wise, he even supposes that he sees and interprets in the absence of the “I.”

There is a need to know how to interpret based upon the Law of Philosophical Analogies, on the Law of Correspondences, and on the numerical Kabbalah.

I also recommend that you not speak of your experiences to anyone.

"... the disciple must be like a sealed book."

“Nothing is easier than self-deceit. For what each man wishes, that he also believes.” —Demosthenes

"Do not worry; cultivate the habit of being happy." —Samael Aun Weor

7 years ago
Sensations in the body — whether physical or internal — have nothing to do with your level of consciousness or progress towards liberation.

Sensations are merely vibrations.

It is necessary to annihilate desire if we want to avoid the danger of falling.

One who wants to annihilate desire must discover the causes of it. The causes of desire are found in sensations. We live in a world of sensations, and we need to comprehend them. There are five types of sensations:

1. Visual sensations
2. Hearing sensations
3. Olfactory sensations
4. Taste sensations
5. Tactile sensations

The five special types of sensations transform themselves into desire. We must not condemn the sensations; we must not justify them. We need to profoundly comprehend them. Only by comprehending sensations do we kill desire. Only through annihilating desire is the mind liberated, a mind that is normally found bottled up within the bottle of desire. The awakening of the consciousness occurs when the mind is liberated. If we want to exterminate the causes of desire, we need to live in a state of constant awareness. It is urgent to live in the state of alert perception and alert novelty.

The ego is a big book, a book of many volumes. We can study this book only through the technique of internal meditation. —Tarot and Kabbalah

So these kinds of experiences have great potential to feed to ego, yet do nothing to eliminate them. Therefore, that is why I answered you as I did previously. It is necessary to observe these experiences with indifference, and interpret them without desire.

Higher objective reasoning emerges when egos have died. That is the only way to acquire more consciousness, and higher levels of being. This has nothing to do with sensations, visions, experiences, fire, etc but only comprehension of the defects.

“Nothing is easier than self-deceit. For what each man wishes, that he also believes.” —Demosthenes

"Do not worry; cultivate the habit of being happy." —Samael Aun Weor

7 years ago
thank you, thank you, thank you so very much for answering my question with that quote from TAROT AND KABBALAH. my question was going to be:
how is one able to enjoy sensations (i.e. sex) yet not gratify desire? how does one satisfy curiosity, and yet not be identified?
my question was, "what is the fine line between desire and sensation?" that quote answers my question.
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