Tuesday, 27 September 2016
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Someone asked whether fasting would help eliminate gluttony. And the answer was that if done without comprehension of the ego it can even make it worse.

How about fasting when you want to eliminate other egos? I understand that we should still comprehend the ego first. But fasting can aid to comprehend the various egos?

I tried fasting (once a week) for a short period of time, and felt that I was reasoning better, had more energy, had less cravings including some food dependencies (desserts/coffee). I could focus my attention on things more easily and freely. However I discontinued this habit when I did not want to refuse food that people offered me in those days. But I think I should start it again.

Is fasting regularly (let's say once a week) therefore good for helping to develop spirituality? Or perhaps everyone should decide for themselves to fast or not, and if yes, how regularly? I think once a week worked well for for me at the time. I even had plans to introduce other habits such as eating one type of food during each meal certain days, or eating only vegetables or fruits some days during the month.
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