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So, I have been beginning to learn about the Kaballah, and the Tree of Life, and I have begun to realize a lot of truth to it. However, I have been getting odd dreams with it, in my dreams I construct a 3D model of it in my room, and a lady walks in, my EX girlfriend saying she is the missing piece, and I think she pointed to the Daath. Also, in my dreams I have seen a figure called Jesus Rosario, said to be the Son of Cybele, and a King of Atlantis. Another dream I have had was a boy, in a Heavenly Realm away from Earth, yearns to meet the Mother Goddess of Earth, he interrupts her when she was in a meeting, and she goes for a walk with him. She points to the sky, and there she says that is you, the bright and morning star, and the evening star, then the star moves and comes close to me, it's white and bright... and feels like the Sun, however she is surprised, because she thought it was Venus, but it was actually the Sun. Then she brought me upwards to higher floating islands, and up there brought me to an island, with a statue of a Chimera mixed with many other Dragons and creatures. She told me this embodied an important person, saying I was the integral force in it. I saw Fenrir, Ouroboros, and Leviathan in it, and many others. Then the following dream, I was in a house, and this elder who looked Native American pointed to this four headed creature statue and said I am the Statue, saying one part is Fenrir, and there were other parts to it. Then I saw for the first time in my life, an odd four headed statue with a face on every side, it appeared a lot in my dream. Searching it up later, I figured out it was Protogonus/Phanes, and also Brahma, the creator. Then in my next dream, I was a child, next to a twin brother which I never had, but somehow in my dream I do, and in our Backyard, a dark ferocious beast appears, with red gleaming eyes, horns on his head... and this insanity from him, fast like Hermes, and scary and corrupt like Yaldaboath, I had intense fear about this and it is the greatest fear in my life... the same feeling I had from that was a Depression I feel inside of myself. But however it is like a scale, my mind either feels empty like the Leviathan, or Neutral and forgotten like Adam Kadmon, or chaotic like Yaldaboath or Fenrir. I believe somehow, I might be a reincarnation of Adam Kadmon, it sounds crazy but these dreams don't feel like lies.
5 years ago

Now, by the great Adam whom they call Adam Kadmon or Adam the Protoplast, the Jewish initiates do not mean, as we do, the first human individual, but rather, have the entire human race (the Protoplasmic or Polar Root Race) appearing at once on the face of the earth.

By Adam Kadmon, they mean primeval (or protoplasmic) humanity and even something more, for the body of Adam Kadmon contains all animated beings and all the spirits of the universe. Thus they give to him the most gigantic proportions.

His forehead touches the sun's zenith, his right hand touches the east, his left, the west. When he lifts his foot to walk, the shadow of his heel causes an eclipse of the sun. He is androgynous, with two faces, the masculine face in front, the feminine face behind. Each face is also androgynous, that is, masculine on the right and feminine on the left.

The prototype of the great Adam which is in the Microprosopopeia is likewise androgynous in front, behind, to the right, to the left, on top and underneath, all of which symbolizes the universal equilibrium and balance of forces, either active or passive, in the whole of nature.
- Eliphas Levi

So, indeed, you are dreaming.

Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah,
the Root of David, has prevailed to open the book,
and to loose the seven seals thereof. - Revelation 5: 5

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