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Soo.... i have another question :))

im not really into chartsmusic.... but something makes me wanna know more about modern day music, their videos... and especially the teachings that they put in there.... it seems that its full of symbolic stuff, occult teachings and cabbalistic knowledge.... its like all these artists seem to know something...... most of it seems very dark ...and actually looks like they are rather working with the klipoth than with sepiroth..... could it be that these people entered daath... without eliminating their egos?? i mean standing on big stages being admired by a tenthousands of people... must be very ego-boosting dont you think??? i know these people know about these mystic teachings, some more some less,.... but for instance Madonna...... even her name is chosen absolutely wise.... she knew what she did..... also a Rihanna, didnt choose the name unpurposely..... these people know something...... but still its seems to me... none of them has found the divine light within themselves.... it seems they are dealing with really dark forces...... eventhough they have a really great knowledge..... could it be that it is really hard to face or even eliminate the ego when being a worldstar.... or that it could even be almost impossible??? when being told how absolutely perfect and great you are all of the time...?? its almost magical how im drawn to this topic for years already, because im trying to understand what it is all about.... i dont want to say its all dark bad illuminati-stuff because i think theres more to it than that..... theres a huge wisdom lying within all of this..... but i hardly ever find light ...or love in any of these symbolic stuff.... it looks very fascinating and is i guess created for looking so.... and draw people in.... but all these artists undergo initiations... thats for sure...... but everything ends up being black,white and red... checkered floors and whatever....

i think theres a big difference between duality and polarity.... polarity is the nature of life..... two side of a coin,... minus and plus balancing eachother out.... like yin and yang.. but that checkered masonic floor , all this oppositestuff without the circle around it to balance it.... seems very extreme to me.... as if there was black or if they would do really bad stuff and then do really good stuff according to pagan teachings of the sun and the moon to balance it.... no natural divine balance.... like sun and rain.... but living these crippling dividing extremes.... could it be that all of these people have estaunting knowledge but using it for the wrong purposes??? trying to keep their egos while gainin wisdom?? i dont wanna keep wasting my time trying to understand it by lookin at all this odd very sinister and dark stuff.... because its like i always get one piece of a puzzle.... but never get the bigger picture... -cause im simply no 33rd degree mason ;) to understand all of this..... nor am i intrested to become one..... im just somebody that likes to understand things instead of judging people and saying they are this and that....

maybe you have some inspiring view of these things....

id be glad :))

thanks in advance

lots of love,.... tamara
6 years ago
Accepted Answer
Read this book.

"Do not worry; cultivate the habit of being happy." - Samael Aun Weor

6 years ago
Accepted Answer
Read this book.

"Do not worry; cultivate the habit of being happy." - Samael Aun Weor

6 years ago
Thank you!

i just read one chapter (white and black magic),,,, and it seems to me that some great manipulation is going on in this world... i knew this for long.... but for instance there is a part where they talk about the first degree of sodom... and the questions oneself asks in the mirror.... talking about a treshold.... some artist just released 8 parts of a videoseries... and it seems to me that one part is exactly about that treshold.... she the artist, wearing a white dress, enters a room.... a white room with sinister the end of a room... there is a big black door,actually its more of a black shimmery void... with a woman that seems to be the doorkeeper, (trying to understand what it was about, i stumbled over aleister crowley talking about this doorkeeper - i forgot his name- of the abyss) having this blind-language all over her face,.... lookin very creepy , checkin the key on this artists-girls necklace.... it seems she got the right key so she is allowed to get troough this weird black moving mass..... a girl (her inner child, wearing a crown over her eyes so it cannot see) is giving her, her hand and leads her trough this door....coming out on the other side, her white dress is gone and she wears a black-blue-purple-shimmy latex dress...standing in complete darkness..... is this the symbolic representation of turning someone lovely.... into a black magician??? it seems to me...that they try to turn people over... by selling them black magic as something great to achieve... something brilliant and lifechanging.... but simply taking away their light, turning it into something dark..... could this be what is meant with entering daath, coming in trough the wrong door?? ...instead of coming from a dark room into a light one... coming from light to darkness? of the videos is called The Shell.... and i think there aint no more to say to it... it pretty much speaks for itself....

- im really grateful for you sending me the link to this book,.... but i would really like to know what You think about it.... what i was talking about is the "anti" album of the artist rihanna..... anti actually explains everything...... i guess.... but it seems to me.... that this whole hollywood thing is really drawin these lovely actually strong souls in...with acting as if these artists get great knowledge... sellin it to them as if it was candy... they believe it... and once they're in... theres no way out cause they committed to it, not knowing that it was black arts they were trained it.... until it is too late... - i mean... we do have a free will, and this is untouchable isnt it?? so it seems they have to kind of convince these people with lovely promises that turn out to be living nightmares.... because reading these questions of the first degree.... they make the darkness sound sweet, ...and for naive young people who have no clue.... it would simply sound as if they would get to know themselves, the divine or whatsoever... when indeed they find themselves in true hell afterwards.... so... looking at all of these shocking visuals and meanings of these things.... i feel like anybody in this world has to be very careful which teachings we trust dont we?? ...because things could sound so sweet but in the end be so crucial.... if you are a student with no gained knowledge yet...

i know i should probably not think about these things too much... and thats actually the reason why i was asking the question.... but i think.... if you are not truly wise knowing all the teachings and their slight differences... you can easily get caught up in dark arts without even knowing it... so therefore it might even be good taking a closer look, dont you think???

thank you for taking your time to answer my questions,.. i really appreciate that!
6 years ago
You know what Matthew Thomas.... i thank you for your time!!

forget all the things that i asked you.... i just felt within myself and i felt the almighty everpresent love... which simply made all these question-answer games dissappear..

this connection is always there... and if one is really willing to feel it... the father knows...

it is just our ignorance that gets us caught up in these thousands of questions and in all this complexity.... where yet the father is actually simple.

we get lost in these mirrors of life... and therefore miss out the most simple everpresent truth

i want to apologize for wasting your time

i <3 you
6 years ago
and now... in this very moment... i understand what you said with "However, even this must be transcended and abandoned, for in the ultimate realization of reality, there are no names. To reach that, one must not be identified with any names, not even the name of our soul or our Being." regarding to my other question....

for in the ultimate realization of reality... theres not even a single letter :)))

it is just a question of perspective...

seeing it from a simple human thinking point of view... the question is absolutely understandable... but in the ultimate reality... it doesnt make any difference... once i have this divine connection within myself... all the names dissappear... and are realized as games in this complex thing called tesseract :) ..which is only complex until you realize that there is no tesseract.. anyhow... its only a game of words and words can be combined to sentences forever... this is the reason why i will stop here :)

i wish you a great night, thank you
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